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Legal citizens pay high medical, insurance, safety costs

Published: April 30, 2012

Regarding “Arizona immigration law gets high court scrutiny”(Chicago Tribune, April 26): Many on the left talk about how mean and discriminating the Arizona immigration law is, how the apparent racial profiling is unfair treatment of U.S. citizens. If the concern is truly about fair and decent treatment of U.S. citizens, they'd be screaming 10 times louder about the injustices for 300 million Americans caused by illegal immigrants. Yet not a word is heard about the hundreds of millions of dollars heaped on the backs of legal citizens for higher medical costs and higher insurance rates. Nor a word about the tens of millions heaped on the backs of U.S. citizens for crime fighting, prisons and other associated costs.

Should I mention the social consequences of violent crime and drug trafficking? If we're willing to fight for the well-being of 10 million people, let's fight 30 times harder for the well-being of 300 million others! Legal immigrants should gladly welcome the tougher immigration laws, as they would lower their medical costs, insurance rates and tax burden, and make their neighborhoods safer.

But the opposition from the left on this has nothing to do with intelligent decision making, or fairness to all citizens. As always, it only has to do with stealing elections.

Gene Lenzmeier, Owasso