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Letter of the month winner: C Dale German of Bethany

Published: August 8, 2012

The origin of matter, whatever it is, comes from something else, whatever that is. Intelligent design doesn't exclude a big bang “theory,” and a big bang theory need not exclude an imponderable intelligent designer. Let the believer in God be excited about glimpsing a “God particle” and not rule out a big bang theory. And let the scientific God particle chasers not rule out the possibility of intelligent design behind the Higgs boson. It need not be “a super-colliding matter of faith vs. reason, the God partisans vs. the God particle chasers.” The dichotomy is not mutually exclusive.

No matter how we got here, human life itself is too complex to be random and purposeless. It's reasonable to believe by faith that only Intelligence could have put all of this together. Humanity's greater task is to find out not only how, but why.