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Oklahoman Modified: September 7, 2012 at 9:41 pm •  Published: September 9, 2012

The sleight of hand is that what's proposed as free does have a real cost that government must underwrite. Because the federal government doesn't have the funds to pay the cost, it's supported by additional debt (seldom by taxes as they can be seen). The debt is funded by Federal Reserve manipulations that have the ultimate effect of debasing the currency. Debasing the currency causes every dollar to have less purchasing power — thus making everything cost more.

The result is the swindling of those who thought the government was giving a benefit when in fact it's taking away more than giving. Citizen Joe now has a “freebie,” but he pays more for every necessity of life; the additional cost is far greater than the benefit he thought he would get when voting to re-elect the shell-game “public servant.” Citizen Joe is completely unaware that he's been swindled. The sleight of hand works every time, and Congress and presidents delight in playing the game.