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  • More than an open-door policy

    Published: Sun, Oct 11, 2015

    The announcement that 6,000 federal inmates will be released early can only be followed by other inmates filing a lawsuit against the government for not releasing them. Not only do we have open borders, we now have open prison doors.

  • Bombing of Afghan hospital constitutes a war crime

    Published: Sun, Oct 11, 2015

    Doctors Without Borders sends thousands of doctors and nurses to the worst places on the planet, impartially giving care and comfort to all who need it. So the whole world was sickened when the Unied States attacked and destroyed one of their hospitals, at the behest of the infamously...

  • Personal choice must be made

    Published: Sun, Oct 11, 2015

    Regarding the removal of the Ten Commandments monument from the Oklahoma Capitol grounds: If authorities feared protests and obstacles to the removal of the monument, who mandate the removal? We are meant to have a government where citizens are provided with freedom of religion, freedom of...

  • Independent review of execution protocol neede

    Published: Sun, Oct 11, 2015

    In light of the revelations of the Charles Warner autopsy, the state must appoint an independent investigator to examine issues surrounding Oklahoma's lethal injection procedures. The attorney general's office is purportedly investigating; however, its close relationship with the Department of...

  • One size doesn't fit all

    Published: Sat, Oct 10, 2015

    I see where we now have a law that requires us to turn on our turn signal 100 feet before we change lanes. That sounds reasonable enough, but if you are going 5 miles per hour, that will give you a 13.383-second warning. A little much, no? If you're going 70 mph, it will give you a .974-second...

  • More consistency needed

    Published: Sat, Oct 10, 2015

    In the Oct. 6 Oklahoman, the Opinion page cartoon, an editorial and a syndicated column inveigh against demands for some form of gun control following Oregon's recent mass shooting. Two pages later, half the page is consumed by an analysis pointing out that, recurring mass shootings apart, 22...

  • Obamacare is the new post office

    Published: Sat, Oct 10, 2015

    Obamacare is the new post office. Why wouldn't one expect government-run health care to follow the path of government-delivered mail? About the only difference is the post office was a government-created institution, while Obamacare was a legislated takeover of a private industry. Now government...

  • No advantage to stricter gun laws

    Published: Fri, Oct 9, 2015

    I am neither an advocate nor antagonist for gun control. However I see no advantage to stricter gun laws. The people being targeted for gun control are prepared for, and often do, commit suicide. The threat of a little jail time for breaking a law is of no consequence to them.