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Your Views

  • Defending those who defend us

    Updated: Fri, Dec 19, 2014

    Thanks, officers! I want to express my gratitude to the police officers who protect and serve us every day. In light of recent publicity, I must do my part in defending those who defend us. My mother taught me to never take my hands off the steering wheel until an officer tells me to do so....

  • Kudos to school board for taking action to protect American Indian students

    Published: Fri, Dec 19, 2014

    Regarding “School board votes to remove Capitol Hill’s Redskins nickname” (News, Dec. 9): A poster in my office area features sports pennants with names such as “Washington Redskins.” The other teams featured are the “New York Fighting Jews,” the “San Antonio Latinos,” the “Chicago Blacks” and...

  • Eliminate tax on labor

    Published: Fri, Dec 19, 2014

    Those of us who worked on State Question 640 looked forward to a time when we’d not be taxed on labor. Republicans promised us smaller state government and the elimination of the personal income tax. They have had years to accomplish this, but things seem to stay the same. Taxpayers migrate to...

  • It's heart-warming to see families adopt homeless cats or dogs

    Published: Fri, Dec 19, 2014

    As a volunteer at the Oklahoma City Animal Shelter, it’s been heart-warming to see the number of families who have come to the shelter to adopt a homeless cat or dog during this holiday season. Donations of pet toys, canned and dry pet food, and blankets and bedding have increased as well. As...

  • We must avoid the road to anarchy

    Published: Fri, Dec 19, 2014

    On the wrong road Regarding George Wills’ “A practice that is now a plague” (Commentary, Dec. 11): I take exception to the conclusion that the death of Eric Garner was a result of selling illegal cigarettes. His death and the deaths of many recent high-profile individuals at the hands of...

  • Nation is losing services of modern-day Cicero

    Published: Wed, Dec 17, 2014

    This nation will soon lose the gallant and thoughtful services of U.S. Sen. Tom Coburn. He will be remembered as a statesman who was always interested in the next generation and one who vainly tried to uphold the republican principles of good government that help guard against the excesses or...

  • Oklahoma City police officers deserve our thanks

    Published: Wed, Dec 17, 2014

    With all the attention given recently on the bad things police officers do, perhaps it’s time for a different perspective. Two of my sons are Oklahoma City police officers. Most of what they do at work is focused on helping people and serving the community. Officers maintain the laws and civil...

  • 'Redskin' nickname is offensive, degrading

    Published: Mon, Dec 15, 2014

    Regarding “Some Capitol Hill students, alumni express hurt, anger after mascot ban” (News, Dec. 10): My mother and both of her parents were American Indians. They did not have red skin. I’m part Indian (Citizen Potawatomi). I don’t have red skin. In my 81 years, I’ve never seen or heard of a...