Liberty movement in Oklahoma will not surrender

Published: August 22, 2012

“Pointless: Ron Paul supporters should give up fight” (Our Views, Aug. 17) says that Oklahomans who are protesting blatant rules violations by the state Republican Party should stop whining and give up. I disagree. Mitt Romney is, by and large, a carbon copy of Barack Obama. They're both big-government authoritarians who believe that there's no problem the government can't solve, either at home or abroad. Our movement isn't about preventing Romney from running. It's about re-establishing the rule of law and the principles of the Founders. That's why it's relevant that the rules were violated at the state Republican convention. How can we trust people to adhere to the Constitution if they can't be bothered to adhere to the rules of their own party?

This lack of regard for the Constitution has typified Republicans and Democrats alike over the last few generations. It's time to put a stop to it. Unlike many of our Republican colleagues, our principles aren't for sale.

Adam Bates, Edmond


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