Food service specialist Sean Kennedy bastes a 50-pound roast. PHOTOS BY DAVID MCDANIEL, THE OKLAHOMAN

Thanksgiving meal a strategic affair at state's largest Army post

News | Published: Wed, Nov 21, 2012 | Comment on this article Leave a comment

A thousand-plus pounds of meat and round-the-clock preparation required to feed 3,500 basic trainees — plus friends, relatives, retirees and anyone else who wants to join — for Thanksgiving dinner at Fort Sill.

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  • Happy Thanksgiving from OPUBCO!

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    Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at OPUBCO!

  • Filipino immigrant blends American Thanksgiving traditions with touches from the Philippines

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    The first time Marcy Tolentino, of Oklahoma City, tried turkey, she wasn't sure what to make of it. It was good, but kind of strange, she said — nothing like the food she grew up eating in the Philippines.

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    Many stores and restaurants will be open this year on Thanksgiving Day and an Indiana man says he lost his job because of it, according to The station reports Tony Rohr says he doesn't think people should have to work on a holiday like Thanksgiving. Rohr worked at Pizza Hut for...

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    USA TODAY reports The White House wants you to decide who will be crowned National Thanksgiving Turkey. Are you Team Caramel or Team Popcorn?

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    Temperatures will be above freezing Tuesday in Oklahoma. Sunny skies are ahead the rest of the week.

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    Crowds of hungry and cold people lined up outside an Oklahoma City homeless shelter on Monday morning to get a shot at some free Thanksgiving food.

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    Looking for turkey recipes to spice up your holiday menu? It's time to make new traditions this Thanksgiving with these turkey recipes from around the world. Check out these recipes from FOX News --->