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Lights out

edstation Published: June 19, 2008

An economic squeeze and environmental awareness are generating incentives for schools to cut back their energy usage.

For instance, a Texas-based program called Watt Watchers encourages selected students to monitor classrooms, rewarding those that turn off lights at times like lunch and recess and leaving reminder notes on the doors of energy offenders.

In Hawaii, the education department recently notified more than 100 schools that they can receive rebates of between $2 and $45,000 for saving electricity. Another hundred-plus schools, though, have to reimburse the state thousands of dollars for excessive energy usage.

In Oklahoma, two education centers are listed on as being registered with LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design): Oklahoma City Educare and Fort Sill’s Child Development Center.

What kind of incentives do you think would get Oklahoma schools to cut back their energy consumption?

I’d like to hear your ideas – especially from students – so share them here on NewsOK’s Education Station.

Wendy K. Kleinman
Education Reporter