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Lindsay mayor won’t resign

BY RANDY ELLIS Modified: March 1, 2010 at 2:25 pm •  Published: February 27, 2010


Shawley denies taking Branch’s cell phone.

Shawley contends Branch’s nephew gave her the candles from Branch’s home to prepare for the ice storm, something Branch disputes.

Branch took issue with several things in the police report, including a statement attributed to Shawley that Branch had gotten physical with her many times and then taunted her by saying, "What are you gonna do, call the police? ... I sign their paychecks.”

"I’ve never hit a woman in my life, and I’ve never threatened to kill anybody in my life,” Branch said. He said he doesn’t sign employee pay checks.

Branch said his ex-girlfriend admitted he had never hit her during a Feb. 9 court hearing, during which he was seeking a protective order against her like one she obtained against him after the door kicking incident.

"He never hit me with his fist, but he’s had his hands around my neck before,” Shawley told The Oklahoman.

"That’s a complete lie,” Branch said.

Branch also denied telling an officer that he should be able to kick in the door because he had put it up.

"I didn’t put no door up,” Branch said.

"I make one little mistake, and I’m destroyed politically, and it destroyed my person and my reputation,” Branch said. "I’ve worked my rear off for this city for no pay for years.”

Branch said one good thing has come out of the incident — a judge has ordered Shawley and Branch to stay away from each other.

Branch said he has another year left on his city council term and he has no current plans to resign. He said a new mayor is scheduled to be chosen at the next council meeting.