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Local band Q&A: Feathered Rabbit

Band Q&A: Feathered Rabbit singer uses music as personal therapy
BY BECKY CARMAN Published: February 7, 2014

Q: There's been fluidity in the lineup of this band. Do the songs and/or performances change as members come and go?

Morgan Hartman, singer: There have been subtle differences for sure. We have had four different bass players, and each one has added their own little bits of character and augmentations, and they each probably have a song or two that they wrote the bass lines to. I believe the performance changes; I like the diversity.

Q: You guys formed when you and (lead guitarist Kyle Mayfield) decided to write some music together. What made you want to start working collaboratively?

Hartman: Kyle was in The Uglysuit and later O Fidelis, and I was fresh out of high school. I had always known I was going to write and perform music … so I was kind of on the lookout for a musical soul mate. I met Kyle through a friend, and we hit it off really well, kindred spirits for sure. I had some songs that I'd written, and we started recording at Kyle's house and pretty quickly realized that the songs were meant for a full band.

Q: Your last EP was released in September 2012. Is anything in the works?

Hartman: We have a lot in the works! We are working on (mainly writing) a full album at the Rabbit House. Currently we are demoing all of the songs to get a good flow and map out what we want to do. Also, sort of pre-emptively getting the kinks out, outside of a recording studio. But yes — yes, yes, yes — we have quite a few plans and are very excited.

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