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Local disc jockey remembers Dick Clark

Ronnie Kaye recalls a long association with “the world's oldest teenager.”
BY GENE TRIPLETT Entertainment Editor Published: April 18, 2012

“I got to observe him close-up,” Kaye said. “We really talked personally about the business and what his feelings were and what my feelings were, and what I was trying to learn from such a pro as he was, and, boy, was he a pro.”

Kaye said Clark's rigorous dedication to his work was partially to blame for the stroke Clark suffered in 2004.

“The morning he got up with the symptoms of the stroke and some numbness, his wife wanted to take him right to the hospital,” Kaye said. “His response was, ‘I can't, because I've got an interview on the phone with a disc jockey.' So, he waited around too long to go to the doctor and see about his stroke. The severity of it probably could have been much less, had he have gone on.

“But that's just the kind of guy he was. He was totally dedicated to the business. His work ethic was unbelievable.”