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Looks like a good movie, but does the dog die? Published: June 26, 2014

Most moviegoers today can handle a disturbing amount of on-screen carnage. Mass planetary extinction? Two tickets, please. A film about a zombie outbreak that leaves billions dead? Sounds fun!

But there's one thing many do not, under any circumstances, handle well: A flick where the dog (or cat, or horse, or hamster, etc.) dies. That's crossing the line.

Fortunately, there's a website that can help remove the anxiety surrounding a pooch's potential fate, Yahoo News reports. Aptly titled Does the Dog Die, the simple site for pet-loving movie buffs lists hundreds of films featuring furry companions (but mostly dogs). The site then lets users know if the dog dies, suffers an injury, or wags its tail all the way to a happy ending.

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