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Lorde posts photo of paparazzo 'stalking' her Published: May 6, 2014

In her monster hit "Royals," Lorde acknowledges that "we'll never be royals"; still, the 17-year-old New Zealand pop sensation has paparazzi following her around like she's a member of the Royal Family, according to Yahoo Music.

One New Zealand paparazzo in particular has upset Lorde so much that she's accusing him of stalking her. But that's not all.

The singer is attempting to seize control of the situation by turning the tables on the snapper. She's taken to Twitter, on which she has a cool 1.5 million followers, and has repeatedly posted photos of photographer Simon Runting, along with a link to his Facebook account and some of his handiwork, including seemingly invasive photos of Rihanna in her hotel room last year.

H/T: Yahoo
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