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Lost dog found in Oklahoma had microchip, to be reunited with North Dakota family

Jasmine, an 8-year-old boxer, went missing two months ago from her home in Minot, N.D.
by Matt Patterson Published: November 19, 2013

Nobody knows how Jasmine ended up in Oklahoma City from her home in North Dakota, but the 8-year-old Boxer will be reunited with her family Tuesday thanks to a microchip and a lot of luck.

Jasmine was found on a Logan County road this month by Free to Live Animal Sanctuary kennel master Willy Fields. When the dog was taken to Sunset Vet Clinic in Edmond to get checked and prepared for adoption, a microchip was found with her owner's information.

Micro chipping has become popular in recent years. The dog owner's information is stored on a chip that is surgically implanted in a dog's skin. Many veterinarian clinics and animal shelters can scan the dogs to see if they have a chip.

Tina Bohn said Jasmine turned up missing from their Minot, N.D., home about two months ago.

“We were very surprised to get the call,” Bohn said. “It wasn't like her to wander off and after this much time had passed we thought we'd never see her again.”

Jasmine will fly to North Dakota on Tuesday. Bohn said she thinks Jasmine was stolen.

“We figured someone probably took her,” Bohn said. “That's the only explanation I have. I don't think she could have made it down there on her own. She had to have had some help.”

Veterinarian Danel Grimmett said Jasmine is in good health despite her ordeal. Grimmett said it is an example of why owners should microchip their dogs. She said her dog was found and reunited with her thanks to a microchip.

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