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Lt. Michael Behenna a patriotic serviceman who did his job

Published: May 12, 2012

As a veteran who was drafted during the Vietnam War, I must tell you that I am sickened by the latest turn of events concerning 1st Lt. Michael Behenna and the stated opinion of several on the court that he had “lost his right to self-defense” before he killed his enemy. Behenna was in a war zone, participating in combat. He says the enemy attacked him. What will become of a nation that won't stand behind a soldier in a war zone who says he was defending himself against an enemy already known to have killed Americans?

I'm ashamed that he and his family have been repeatedly dragged through the American military court system, his integrity questioned, their money spent, etc., for doing what the American government trained him to do — kill people who kill Americans. I'm proud of Behenna. Although I didn't serve in combat, I can assure you he's the kind of man I would choose to fight with rather than those set above who pass judgment on a patriotic serviceman who did his job.

I'm appalled, stunned and disappointed over what our government will do to those who provide the very freedoms we enjoy. I'm certain the day is coming when too few will be willing to serve and protect a government that won't support them when the chips are down.

Steven E. Morris, Duncan


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