Lyrics on Stoops site embarrassing for OU

by Berry Tramel Published: August 12, 2008

/> That's the sobering lesson here. This stuff is what kids listen to.

As the Jarboe case showed, college athletics is a clash of cultures. Behavior or speech or even musical preference that could alienate university boosters does not register as wrong with many scholarship athletes.

Lyrics that were Strike 2 on Jarboe and sitting on Stoops' Web site blare from stereos on every roadway in America.

Castiglione doesn't want to sound like a square. Doesn't want to sound like the parents of his youth who were outraged at rock 'n' roll. But he also wonders how far it will go.

"Why do we see the kinds of commercials during the Olympics that promote violent television shows?” Joe C. asked. "Why do we see video games that promote carjacking as a means of entertainment, only to see the clarification at the end, rated for teenagers and older?

"I don't know the answer to it.”

Sometimes the answer is not with the kids. Sometimes it's with the adults who don't have their ears and eyes open.

The Hornets were in Oklahoma City for two years to rave reviews. Every single Hornet game at the Ford Center opened with a prayer from a local minister.

And the Hornets trotted onto the court with Jay-Z's "Bring 'Em Out, Bring 'Em Out” blaring. Lost in the euphoria of Chris Paul and Desmond Mason appearing on stage were the lyrics of that song: "It's hard to yell when the barrel's in ya mouth.”

Unacceptable lyrics for a public forum. Just as "bullets and lugers, I put 'em deep in your neck” are unacceptable lyrics for a Web site bearing Bob Stoops' name.

OU has got to be more diligent. So must we all.

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