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Mad scientists create real cheese even vegans can eat Published: July 21, 2014

Consider this: For the energy it takes to raise one U.S.-bred cow, you can get up to ten-times as many calories by growing grain. But as inefficient as raising livestock is, and as queasy as commercial cattle production methods may make you, you can't deny that the products we get from animals are culinarily indispensable and utterly (udderly?) delicious.

That's why a group of volunteer scientists out of San Francisco have started an Indiegogo campaign to create a vegan cheese that's indistinguishable from cow cheese, according to

Normally, vegan cheeses are derived from tapioca flour, vegetable glycerin, or nuts. They also tend to be rather unsatisfying, to put it charitably. That's because all current vegan cheeses lack a crucial ingredient: the animal proteins found in milk.

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