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Made in Oklahoma: The Riley Group

California native Valerie Riley moved from Dallas here three years ago to start an errand-running firm.
by Paula Burkes Published: November 7, 2012

She said she'd always wanted to own her own business like her grandparents had, and once ran a housecleaning business in her late teens.

Today, Riley and her four employees bring order to people's lives — from grocery shopping to pet watching to organizing closets.

“As much as they may like shopping, many people don't have the time, or care, to go to several different groceries on Saturday to fill their fridge or locate organic or other foods that can be hard to find.

“Others are crazy about their dogs and cats, and we become like nannies to their pets,” she said.

Customers often try out her firm, by asking concierges to organize a closet or home office, Riley said.

“If we can make their mornings run smoother — versus their searching for that one elusive shoe or their black pants that go with their white shirt — they're more productive,” she said, “and they can earn more money.”

by Paula Burkes
A 1981 journalism graduate of Oklahoma State University, Paula Burkes has more than 30 years experience writing and editing award-winning material for newspapers and healthcare, educational and telecommunications institutions in Tulsa, Oklahoma...
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About the company


Established: March 2010

Key employees: Founder and principal Valerie Riley

Number of employees: Five, including one part-time worker; all are college graduates

Service: Concierge assistance, from organizing closets and home offices to grocery shopping, pet watching, kids' birthday parties and more

Rates: $35 an hour; $25 an hour for clients who prepay monthly retainers

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