Major attractions in the city aren't just for visitors

By Carrie Coppernoll Published: July 17, 2008
Sometimes I'm a little slow on the uptake. Case in point: the Oklahoma City Museum of Art.

I've lived in the city for four years now, and Tuesday was my first time to see the art at the art museum. Shameful. What have I been doing with the past four years of my life?

I've visited the museum many times — often for movies and occasionally for Cocktails on the Skyline. I've driven past that incomprehensible, amazing Chihuly tower in the front of the building more times than I can count. But somehow I always manage to escape the art museum without ever seeing the art. While my trips to the museum were fun, this was the best by far. Imagine that — an art museum being fun because of the art.

My mom was visiting this week, so we went to the museum. I had a tourist visiting, so we did something tourists do. Turns out, the art museum isn't only for tourists. Who knew?

"I think people take for granted what's in their city,” said Leslie Spears, communications manager for the museum.

She's right. I started thinking about Oklahoma City's major landmarks and which ones I had seen. Every time I've gone, it's because a friend or family member from out of town is visiting. I don't go on my own. There are so many places to see that I've ignored because I figure I'll go later.

The art museum is one of those places.

This statue is one of 184 pieces featured in the exhibit "Roman Art from the Louvre." By Jim Beckel, THE OKLAHOMAN

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