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Malik Rose: Let’s get nasty

Oklahoman Modified: June 1, 2009 at 6:08 am •  Published: June 1, 2009

221; But championship-caliber teams often have a little nastiness.

Kevin Durant, the 2008 NBA Rookie of the Year, saw a nasty streak last season, just not often enough.

"Last summer, me and Jeff (Green) were close to fightin’ because he might have pushed me too hard or I might have elbowed him,” Durant said. "We never really got mad. That’s the kind of competitive edge we need to have all the time.”

Green agrees.

"Yeah, maybe at times we were too nice,” Green said. "I think that will change over time. We need to develop a physical mentality. It’s going to come.”

Rose said team chemistry is vital, but developing an edge in practice produces benefits during an 82-game regular-season grind.

"They just need another year playing together,” Rose said. "Once they get over that hump and learn what it takes to win consistently, they’ll be very good. At times, they played very well. They just need another year of maturity.”

And maybe a little more nastiness.

"... practices were too fun. A little elbow or a little fight here or there in practice, being physical, pushing and shoving is good.”

Malik Rose
Thunder forward