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Man charged in socialite-wife's death in hospital

Associated Press Published: February 2, 2012

Detectives who investigated the death as a homicide found no signs of forced entry and said no one else appeared to have had access to the home in the hours before Muth called police and reported finding his wife unconscious in the bathroom. They also said Muth had visible scratches on his forehead and presented her relatives with a forged document that said he was entitled to a portion of her estate.

The case has taken a series of bizarre turns since his arrest. Muth has claimed to be a brigadier general in the Iraqi army and demanded to wear his military uniform at trial. But prosecutors say he is fabricating his military experience and has admitted the uniform he frequently wore around the neighborhood was tailor-made for him in South Carolina. The Iraqi embassy also says Muth has no connection to the Iraqi military or government.

Muth has told a judge he believed Drath's death was a "hit" ordered by Iranian agents. He also sought to fire his public defenders in November, though they remain on the case as his legal advisers.

Prosecutor Glenn Kirschner said there didn't appear to be any doubts about Muth's mental health. He called him bright, calculating and manipulative.

"We don't know everything about him, we admit," he said.

Kirschner said a grand jury weighing the case is nearly done with its work and could return an indictment early next month.