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Many have a goal to disarm citizens

Published: August 3, 2012

Immediately after a very sad situation as happened in Aurora, Colo., firearms get the blame. There, as in the shootings in Arizona and Blacksburg, Va., no attention is given to the real problems. First, we have too few outlets where mental illness can be properly treated. Even worse is the fact that in many cases, doctors aren't allowed to report to the proper authorities an individual they feel can be a danger to society. This should be a requirement!

Next, we see few movies, TV programs or video games that don't contain violence, some very extreme. Unless parents are very watchful, children's minds see this as normal.

Before there were the so-called assault rifles and high-capacity magazines, we had Howard Metzenbaum, Peter W. Rodino and others trying to disarm the citizens of their revolvers, shotguns and rifles. Michael Bloomberg, Charles Schumer and others have the same end goal, no matter how it's presented, and if that happens the word “citizen” changes to “subject” or “slave.” This can't be allowed to happen.

Each person responsible for one of these acts is a product of a society that values one person's privacy more than it does the lives of its citizens. Until that's reversed, we'll have more catastrophes, no matter how many firearm laws are passed.

Graydon L. Persing, Del City

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