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Map: Are your neighborhood's roads up to par?

Madi Alexander Published: April 10, 2014

Crumbling roads and cracked pavement are common sights for Oklahoma City residents. But just how bad are the city’s streets?

Oklahoma City assesses the condition of 8,151 lane-miles on a numerical scale called the Pavement Condition Index (PCI) about once every two years. Nearly 14,000 road segments in 620 square miles of Oklahoma City were last analyzed between March and April of 2013.

Use the map to view the road conditions around where you live or work. Zoom in and click on a street segment to view the street name and the PCI rating.

Pavement conditions are broken down into the following categories:
Excellent: 86 to 100 – Needs no repairs
Good: 61 to 85 – Requires some resurfacing
Fair: 36 to 60 – Needs base repairs and resurfacing
Poor: 0 to 35 – Requires complete reconstruction

At least 1,746 roads need to be completely reconstructed, which is time-consuming and expensive for the city.

Resurfacing one lane-mile of road costs approximately $166,000, according to Shannon Cox, public information and marketing manager for Oklahoma City’s Department of Public Works.

The average PCI rating for most city streets sits in the 60s, but the goal is to raise that number into the high 70s, she said.

Cox emphasized the city’s pothole hotline as a way for residents to combat poor pavement conditions because they can’t repair potholes about which they are unaware.

Even though the city’s repair crews patrol the streets looking for potholes, the fastest way to get a pothole fixed is to call the city’s pothole hotline at 405-631-1111.

Response time to potholes reported to the hotline hovers at around two days, Cox said.

Madi Alexander is the NewsOK web intern.