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Marathon wedding of Joel Rogalsky, Amy Wills goes off without a hitch

BY SCOTT WRIGHT Staff Writer Published: May 1, 2011

“I started training in January and this is my first race.”

Of all the weddings chaplain Larry Mitchell has officiated, the Rogalskys' was by far the most creative.

“It's very unique,” said Mitchell, a life-long friend of the groom. “I think what Joel said earlier about the novelty of the wedding as compared to the seriousness of the marriage — they had a lot of fun with the wedding, but they're taking the marriage very seriously.

“I was just glad there was an awning I could stand under to stay out of the rain. As long as I didn't have to run in it, I was fine.”

Running perfectly symbolizes the new life of the happy couple. They met at a marathon in Arkansas. Their first date was a 50K race. Now the wedding.

And a chilly rainstorm wasn't going to keep anybody down. The bride added some long sleeves to complement her white running skirt, lace gloves and veil ballcap, but otherwise, everything went smoothly.

“Just adapt and overcome. Modify and adjust,” Amy said. “Our goal was to get married and that's what we were going to do, rain or shine.”