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Marie Osmond speaks in Oklahoma City about seeking help for depression

Marie Osmond, along with Dr. Jeffrey Borenstein, spoke Monday to Chesapeake Energy Corp. employees about the importance of seeking help when suffering from depression and anxiety.
by Jaclyn Cosgrove Published: March 27, 2012

Employee resources

One way people can seek help for their depression might be through their place of work.

Companies should provide resources for the health of their employees, investing in not only employees' physical health but also psychiatric health, Dr. Jeffrey Borenstein told the Chesapeake employees. He is the medical director of Holliswood Hospital, a 125-bed private psychiatric hospital in New York.

People suffering from depression often have problems concentrating at work and have low levels of energy. Severe insomnia is also another symptom.

“Someone who normally might interact in a very positive way with their colleagues might be irritable or antsy with their colleagues, whereas prior to being depressed, that wouldn't show up,” Borenstein said.

Companies that provide resources for their employees to receive psychiatric help save money through reductions in absenteeism and increased productivity, he said.

It's important for people who are depressed to know they can get help. But most people, because of stigmas about depression and mental illnesses, don't seek help, which is significant, given how effective treatment can be, he said.

“The key thing is, people should not suffer in silence,” he said. “They should seek help, and with help, there is hope.”

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