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Marriage bill gains traction in Oklahoma

BY MICHAEL MCNUTT Published: February 23, 2010
the divorce was contested, the couple with minor children would have to live apart two years before the divorce could be granted.

No cooling-off period would be required for couples with no children, Kern said.

The House, after being told 80 percent those who filed for divorce go through with it, defeated a measure that would have required marriage counseling before a divorce could be granted.

House Democrats also told Republicans that allowing government interference before a divorce can be issued runs against the mantra of being against government mandates and support less government.

House Bill 2543 failed, 57-37.

The measure by Rep. John Wright, R-Broken Arrow, would have required those seeking a divorce to have attended at least one hour of counseling from a licensed therapist or faith-based counselor before filing a divorce petition.

An amendment would have exempted cases in which a protective order had been issued or if the divorce involved someone who is a felon or had abandoned the marriage.

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