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Mascots Sooner fans love... to hate

Published: April 21, 2008
Boomer and Sooner might be growing on Oklahoma fans, but there are some mascots the Sooner Nation will never cheer for.

Here's a list of which mascots get the crimson blood boiling:

•Pistol Pete, Oklahoma State: Long before he stuck in Sunny Golloway's craw by dancing on the AT&T Bricktown Ballpark dugout, Pete was a wanted man in Norman.

•Bevo the Longhorn, Texas: It's not nice to hate animals. But in the case of this bovine, OU fans will make an exception.

•The Leprechaun, Notre Dame: No matter how red his hair is, the fighting Irishman will never find a friend in these parts — not even at O'Connell's.

•Captain Cane, Tulsa: It's not that Sooner fans have anything against Tulsans. It's just that Captain Cane's head looks more like a beehive than an Oklahoma twister.

•The Oregon Duck, Oregon: Where to begin? He looks like a Donald Duck clone, and YouTube video confirms he shares a similar temper. Oh yeah, and he's from Oregon.