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McDonald’s may soon be more like Chipotle Published: March 11, 2014

The McDonald’s empire was built on simplicity and consistency: Your cheeseburger comes out exactly like the one the next guy gets. But thanks in part to lackluster sales, the fast-food giant is increasingly letting customers customize their meals, according to Yahoo News.

On Monday, McDonald’s (MCD) reported a 0.3% drop in sales at restaurants open longer than 13 months around the globe; U.S. same-restaurant sales fell 1.4%. Though the company is still the world’s largest restaurant chain by revenue and worldwide sales, the trend is troubling, executives say, but one that can be reversed. “Looking ahead, we believe that we are taking the right actions to more clearly align with our customers’ needs and build momentum to drive long-term profitable growth,” says CFO Pete Benson.

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