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Meet Hollywood’s Best Lesbian Character In A Long Time Published: May 2, 2014

In Hollywood, queer women tend to fall into a few stereotypical categories: the woman who falls in love with her best friend (Glee’s Santana Lopez), the manipulative lady-killer (Orange Is The New Black’s Alex Vause), the woman whose sexuality is depicted as a result of being mistreated by men (Masters of Sex’s Betty DeMillo), and the ultra-feminine woman who makes every male fantasy come true (Chicago Fire’s Leslie Shay).

And while there are certainly exceptions to these general tropes, filmmakers and television creators often struggle to portray a realistically rendered young lesbian or bisexual woman without defaulting to the aforementioned stereotypes or having the character talk about her sexuality so much that she might as well be wearing a flashing neon sign, according to BuzzFeed.

Susanna Fogel’s Life Partners, however, which recently premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival, depicts a twentysomething lesbian whose sexual orientation is neither ignored nor belabored, but incidental.

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