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Metro-area land sales for June 8

Published: June 8, 2013

Michael R. and Vicki I. Seltmann from Justice Homes Inc., 15504 Daybright Drive, Edmond, $335,500.

Morgan Blair Byram from Janea and Kyle D. Skinner, 608 NW 42, $334,000.

Donald W. and Shelley K. Soard from Christopher R. and Saundra C. Watson, 1509 Echohollow Trail, Edmond, $334,000.

Larry E. Silvey and Benita K. Tassey from Keena Cornman-Hargrove and Bryan King, 532 NW 39, $325,000.

Adam C. and Tracy Black from John E. and Natalie K. Trowbridge, 4708 Spectacular Blvd., Edmond, $319,500.

Roy J. Rindler from Bill D. and V. Christene Brown, 1816 Boomer Trail, Edmond, $310,000.

Kamlesh S. and Priti Kamlesh Shah from Chet Walters Homes Inc., 1512 NW 172, $308,000.

Michael Gregory and Kimberlea A. May from Jason and Dana Grayson, 1304 NW 194 Terrace, $305,000.

Michael B. and Christie L. Shadix from Blue Ribbon Construction LLC, 8801 NW 110, $305,000.

Alexander G. Eagleson and Angie Y. Lai from Carder & Sharpe Inc., 2017 Brayhill Court, Edmond, $305,000.

Jared and Connie Kaaiohelo from French Construction Co., 3032 Trailhead Drive, Edmond, $303,000.

Devin C. and Wanda K. Stone from Dennis J. and Catherine Sisemore, 7905 NE 23, $300,000.

$299,999 to $200,000

Scott D. Willis from SMH Creations LLC, 7808 SW 85 Circle, $299,000.

Julie S. and Stephen C. Wallace from John C. and Leanna M. Wetta, 1701 NW 193 Circle, $297,000.

Dale E. and Ashtyn A. Smith from Oxford Homes LLC, 15609 Wood Creek Lane, $294,000.

Josiah M. and Elizabeth L. Daniel from Lori Denson, trustee of the Lori Denson Trust, 1609 NW 38, $291,000.

Karol and Christopher Mitchell from Wind Ridge Construction LLC, 797 Sterling Drive, Choctaw, $286,000.

John L. and Julie E. Hanneman from William D. and Cynthia L. Parry, 3800 River Downs Drive, Edmond, $285,000.

Gary M. and Carol S. Suttle from Ideal Homes of Norman LP, 18425 Las Meninas Drive, Edmond, $282,000.

Cynthia J. and Ronald G. Churchill from Ron James Designer Homes LLC, 6708 Chelsey Lane, $280,000.

Marcella A. Alexander from Debra White, 2209 Outabounds Way, Edmond, $278,000.

Thomas W. and Sara E. Crawford from Seagull Fine Homes Inc., 5513 NW 130, $277,000.

Daniel J. Regan from George W. and Barbara J. Lynch, trustees of the George W. Lynch and Barbara J. Lynch Revocable Trust, 1310 N Washington, Edmond, $276,000.

Michael and Robyn Roberts from James S. and Mary Lou Willis, 1612 NW 183, $260,000.

Verda L. McDonald from J.W. Mashburn Development Inc., 5613 NW 120 Circle, $259,000.

Scott Kelly and Kattie Ann Flom from the Miller Family Revocable Trust, 2605 Little Timber, Edmond, $251,000.

Keith Johnson from Greg Melton, 916 NW 194 Terrace, $251,000.

Eric and Ladon Perales from Fannie Mae, 4217 NW 145, $250,000.

Charlotte Silva from Josiah M. and Elizabeth L. Daniel, 700 NW 42, $250,000.

Norman C. and Carol S. Miller, trustees of the Miller Family Revocable Trust, from Bitter Creek Homes LLC, 925 NW 195 Place, $250,000.

Kenneth and Janice McLihaney from Pete Reeser, trustee of the Pete Reeser Living Trust, 2708 Verona Court, Edmond, $246,000.

Michael and Courtney Lucero from Brass Brick Platinum Series Homes LLC, 19100 Pinehurst Trail Drive, Edmond, $244,000.

William R. Russell and Cathy L. Pettijohn-Russell from Christopher Rice, 17300 Ridgewood Drive, $243,000.

John F. Jr. and Nancy L. Dahlin from J.W. Mashburn Development Inc., 5601 NW 121 Circle, $242,000.

Charley and Paula S. Arnold from Austin Homes LLC, 12704 Chateaux Road, $240,000.

Stephen K. and Linda D. Lerdall Revocable Living Trust from Mark A. and Carla C. Nikkel Living Trust, 2701 Verona Way, Edmond, $240,000.

Paul Connolly Burchill from Stefan M. and Stephanie Rice, 8917 SW 46, $231,000.

Elizabeth A. Reeves from Heartland Homes LLC, 2409 NW 174, $230,000.

Mark D. and Nikki J. Allen from Rodney K. and Roxanne Warner, 3013 Hickory Stick Road, $230,000.

MC Dwellings LLC from Joe M. Sears, successor trustee of the Marguerite T. Sears Revocable Trust, 8509 Lakehurst Drive, $230,000.

Tom A. Howell from Jerry L. and Lois Joan Hawkins, 10724 Eastlake Circle, $230,000.

Jacob E. and Danielle M. Pasby from Patricia A. Reagan, 1700 Lancaster Drive, Edmond, $229,000.

Sean Mann from Manjit S. and Sarbjit K. Hayer, 1625 Redland Drive, Edmond, $227,000.

Daniel J. III and Kathrene Dornbos from Tracy L. Washbourne, 14216 Smithurst Road, Edmond, $226,000.

Douglas and Erica George from Ideal Homes of Norman LP, 18401 Bodegon Road, Edmond, $226,000.

Roy N. and Kim I. Miller from Donna G. Truitt, trustee of the Donna G. Truitt Trust, 8109 NW 33, Bethany, $225,000.

Lynnse A. and Mike Self from Jeff E. and Katie R. Hellbusch, 15209 Himalaya, Edmond, $225,000.

Jonathan Poe from Jordy C. and Tara E. Ward, 10700 S Sleepy Hollow Drive, $224,000.

Jeremy J. and Tiffany L. Maldonado from Todd S. and Anna Rose Ballje, 2535 NW 27, $222,000.

Garry Camp from Taber Built Homes LLC, 4900 NW 151 Circle, $220,000.

Edward Allen Garcia from Taber Built Homes LLC, 15201 Western Vista Drive, $218,000.

James A. Callins from Lynnse A. and Mike Self, 8612 NW 111 Street, $215,000.

Kathryn Anne Tahiri, trustee of the Tahiri Family Trust from Thomas Lee II and Debra Ann Kirkpatrick, 19612 Harness Court, $210,000.

Abraham R. and Glendia G. Warren from Michael B. and Shree A. Young, 17483 NE 63, Jones, $209,000.

Brent L. and Amy L. Brezina from Jeffrey Brandon and Keena Laree McIntyre, 8900 NW 111, $207,000.

William and Vanessa Unsell from Mark A. and Jackie L. Lang, 1812 Hawks Landing, Edmond, $207,000.

Eduardo I. and Margarita Medina from Gregory P. and Kathy R. Allen, 1717 Mill Creek Way, Choctaw, $207,000.

Faith L. Fields from Megatel Homes Inc., 2116 NW 158, $206,000.

Dustin W. and Kimberly D. Larsen from Ronnie E. and Sherri L. Suenram, 17904 Vermejo Drive, Edmond, $206,000.

Robert A. Feinberg from Douglas J. and Karen L. Dees, 16500 Farmington Way, Edmond, $205,000.

Blake L. Boyce from 931 NW 16th St LLC, 931 NW 16, $202,000.


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