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Metro area land sales for Sept. 8

Published: September 8, 2012

1984 Investments LLC from Kimberly A. and Trey A. Landry, 12716 Green Valley Drive, $301,000.

Studio 120 LLC from Jeff A. and Diana Lynne Taylor, 735 NW 30, $300,000.

Studio 120 LLC from Jeff A. and Diana Lynne Taylor, 600 NW 32, $300,000.

$299,999 to $200,000

Paul and Rachelle Ketchum from James D. and Dawn M. Gleason, 6401 N Air Depot Blvd., Edmond, $299,000.

David N. and Julie M. Palmer from Spring Creek Homes LLC, 1700 NW 195 Circle, Edmond, $294,000.

Sttorc properties LLC from Grant County Bank, 13809 Oxford Drive, $290,000.

William R. and Meredith A. Saunders from Malcolm Schinstine and Lisa J. Mills, 2502 Ashecreek Drive, Edmond, $288,000.

BMW Investments LLC from Oklahoma Lube Investments LLC, 2420 N MacArthur Blvd., $285,000.

Weichert Relocation Resources Inc. from Robert A. and Laura E. Moore, 17009 Wales Green Ave., $275,000.

Patrice A. Cook from Weichert Relocation Resources Inc., 17009 Wales Green Ave., $275,000.

Emmanuel and Susan Barias from Property Management Services, Inc., 13228 Saint Andrews Drive, $274,000.

John S. Juby from Alvand LLC, 5924 NW 151, Edmond, $269,000.

HI Homes LLC from Leroy E. Young Investments LLC, 1604 Randel Road, $265,000.

John A. and Deborah L. Cook from Dave Carr Construction Inc., 4709 NW 157, $265,000.

Lance V. and Melanie J. Moulder from James O. and Sandra F. Price, 2425 Ashecroft Circle, Edmond, $255,000.

Lakefront Enterprises LLC from Bobby Ray and Janet Louise Birdsong, 3025 Holiday Ave., Del City, $250,000.

Nathan D. and Laura B. Anderson from McGregor Homes LLC, 724 Blue Oak Way, Edmond, $245,500.

Tawnya K. and Steven L. Bohn from Prudential Relocation Inc., 1600 NW 182, $244,000.

Prudential Relocation Inc. from the Joseph Laban Wolf II and Shirley Ann Wolf Revocable Living Trust, 1600 NW 182, Edmond, $244,000.

Curtis Johnston from Cynthia C. and James E. Meyerson, trustees of the Cynthia C. Meyerson Revocable Trust, 1408 Brighton Ave., $243,000.

Omar and Sidney Rashidzada from John D. Mills, 5301 NW 132, $243,000.

L. Matthew Dobson from Robin Ridge LLC, 2408 NW 155, Edmond, $242,000.

James and Keri Hutchison from Blue Ribbon Construction LLC, 5905 Creekmore Drive, $240,000.

Kathleen Rene' and James Michael Piland from Jacqueline R. and Christopher A. Fiegel, 11408 Richaven Road, $236,000.

Carol Storey from Eric O. and Brenda D. Salgado, 6615 NW 110, $235,000.

Roger and Rebecca L. Schneider, trustees of the Roger and Rebecca Schneider Trust, 4011 NW 44, $234,500.

Blair Wigington from Hawthorn Village LLC, 10337 Hawthorne Drive, $233,000.

Brookfield Relocation Inc. from David and Kristy A. Perry, 5901 Bent Creek Drive, $230,000.

Peggie Lynette and Lamaad H. Easton from Stone Financing LLC, 5901 Bent Creek Drive, $230,000.

Stone Financing LLC from Brookfield Relocation Inc., 5901 Bent Creek Drive, $230,000.

Henry Latimer Jr. from Lyndsey N. Hogg, 617 NW 17, $229,500.

Michael Baldwin from Deborah A. and Christopher J. Rycroft, 2924 Farmington Circle, Edmond, $226,000.

Courtney D. Stevens from Jeremy P. and Katharine C. Dunnington, 8408 Surrey Place, $225,000.

Hyun Taek Suh and Kui Sook Cha from Luc Tan Ngo and Thu Van Vu, 3501 N Spencer Road, $225,000.

Susan D. Sinn from Daniel J. and Julie R. Corff, 5917 Hickory Bend Circle, Edmond, $225,000.

Richard Lagarthe from Eleanor C. Semtner Revocable Trust, 2207 NW 48, $219,500.

Kevin James and Jenna Gregory Lutz from Jessica Dawn and Jeffrey Brooks Dixon, 2214 Cedar Pointe Circle, Edmond, $217,000.

Kathryn C. Dougherty from Hawthorn Village LLC, 10204 Hawthorn Drive, $215,000.

Margaret A. Miller from J. Bentley Developments LLC, 14008 Oxford Drive, Edmond, $213,000.

John Michael and Stephanie J. Stovall from Margaret A. Miller, trustee of the Margaret A. Miller Revocable Trust, 2317 Old Farm Lane, Edmond, $210,000.

Lance B. Underwood from Ken Chambers Design/Build Inc., 704 Prairie Dunes Way, Edmond, $209,000.

Charles R. IV and Cheryl L. Cameron from Erik and Melinda Kloster, 1901 Wagon Trail Blvd., Harrah, $205,000.

Eric D. Clement from Stephen J. and Jimanne L. Heather, 800 Woodhollow Trail, Edmond, $205,000.

Larki LLC from Sasan and Dina L. Sohrabmanesh, 929 SW 29, $200,000.

Robert C. Stumpf from Frank A. and Joy L. Deal, 4228 NW 144, $200,000.