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Midwest City author's new book published

Oklahoman Published: May 4, 2012
MIDWEST CITY -- Shirley Susan Amauric, of Midwest City, has a new book available through

Rebel Prince (Volume 1) is a paranormal/science/romance book in paperback, the publisher says.

Rebel Prince is the story about a prince and his quest for his missing beloved in an unknown world.

Joshua Jordan is the youngest son of the king of Jordan. Joshua is the leader of a Q group, a Special Forces unit composed of highly trained individuals with different abilities which include a leader, an engineer, a healer, and a communication s expert and a woman named Jamie who enhances the skills of the male members.

Before the Joshua's Q group's training is completed, all the military is deployed on a rescue mission. During this mission, Jamie is injured and the King takes this opportunity to banish her back to her world, hiding all information on the location of the world.

The King insures that Joshua is so busy he has no time to locate Jamie's world. Jason, the heir-apparent recalls Joshua's Q because of the unrest on Jordan.

He gives Joshua information on how to locate Jamie and sends him off to find her, along with his team and the Q's family.

Joshua sets out to the unknown world, unaware of the future that lies ahead of him.