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Mike Gundy knows he’s had it good with Four Aces

By John Rohde Published: December 27, 2008
and Hunter is sixth in rushing (126.50).

"I had high expectations for all those guys,” Robinson said. "A lot of people wondered if Kendall could replace (Dantrell) Savage, I told our guys not to worry about it. We saw last year he (Hunter) had a lot of ability. Dez and Pettigrew are unbelievable players. They’ve played up to par, and then some.”

Cowboys tri-offensive coordinator Gunter Brewer is no stranger to coaching quality skill players.

He was an assistant at Marshall when it had quarterback Chad Pennington and wide receiver Randy Moss. The Thundering Herd went 50-4 when Brewer was on staff (1996-99).

"You actually kind of get caught up in your everyday routine, but when you look back at everything, you’ll be able to say, ‘Wow, that was a pretty unique group we had there,’ ” Brewer said of his current OSU collection. "I don’t know that in the modern day — to where we are now, the way football has changed — that you can have those four guys be specialists at their position like our guys, and be that dang good.

"They worked hard and they also just wanted to win. That was their ultimate goal. ‘Hey, let’s win the game and forget who had what. Let’s figure out how to get this game won.’ ”

As quarterbacks, Gundy and Robinson got to direct two of college football’s greater shows on earth.

"As far as being in the circus, he’s the ring-leader that keeps everything going,” Brewer said of Robinson. "There are egos. There are times when everybody wants the ball. That’s the sport. When you’re a skill player, you want the ball. But they all understood that you have to block and tackle and fake and run and pass and do all those things, and they were able to do that.”

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