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Mike Leach's lament: Tech was 'too geeked up'

By John Rohde Modified: November 23, 2008 at 12:45 pm •  Published: November 23, 2008

re you surprised that they lined up with two safeties?”

“No, I wasn't.”

Leach: “Were you surprised they went with the four-man front and sometimes they'd go with the three-man front?”

“I mean, this is going to amaze some of you so hold onto your seat, but no, it didn't surprise me a bit.”

Leach: “Was I surprised that these big monsters were good at using their hands and getting their pads low, and if they had half a chance they'd slam into your quarterback?”


Leach: “Did I feel we were fooled today?”

“No. Never.”

Leach: “Do I think we fooled them?”


Leach: “Did they execute better than we did today?”

“Yes. OK?”

Leach feels the same about Oklahoma football as he did when he was a staff member.

“OU did what they always do,” Leach explained. “It's one of the things I respect about them defensively. I know it's fun for you (reporters) to act like there's this elaborate bag of tricks. That's always puzzled me about the media. I defer to how coaches believe how football works, understandably so. I'm very biased that way.

“Coaches believe football is a game of practice, patterning stuff over and over. Execution, generally speaking. Guys in the media think it's this bag of tricks and fooling one another that ultimately makes or breaks a football game. That's not the case.

“The thing is, when you play somebody that good, you've got to play in control. We did against Texas. We did against Oklahoma State. We didn't against Oklahoma, and I regret that.

“I'm going to search why we were too geeked up.”

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