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Mike Sherman: Power Lunch Chat transcript, Oct. 15, 2012

The Oklahoman's Mike Sherman took questions from readers in today's Power Lunch Chat. Join our Power Lunch Chats Monday-Friday at 11 a.m. on
Oklahoman Modified: October 15, 2012 at 2:12 pm •  Published: October 15, 2012

The Oklahoman's Mike Sherman took questions from readers in today's Power Lunch Chat. Join our Power Lunch Chats Monday-Friday at 11 a.m. on Here's a complete transcript of the Q&A:

Greetings folks. I was at the Cotton Bowl Saturday to witness the Sooner domination. I have recovered from watching my Orioles lose to a now-listless Yankee team -- with the aid of the never-say-die St. Louis Cardinals. Love watching that team in October. I caught the tail-end of the uninspiring performance by Oklahoma State at Kansas. A lot to talk about in the week before Notre Dame week. Let's get started.

Do you see the Sooners maybe having a let down against Kansas after routing Texas, and, along with that, looking past Kansas to Notre Dame?

Usually I don't buy the letdown excuse and I don't see it happening here either. If the game was in Lawrence, perhaps. But OU is coming home for the first time since its poor performance vs. Kansas State. I think the OSU-Kansas game shows the Sooners what can happen if you don't play well against the Jayhawks: You let them hang around. Defense is what KU has to hang it's hat on, but it's not enough. The Sooners will roll.

Your thoughts on OSU kinda struggling against Kansas?

I think I better stop asking Gina Mizell and John Helsley if they're absolutely sure Wes Lunt will get his job back when he's healthy. It's clear that he will. We still don't know what OSU has in Lunt, but we know that it's better than J.W. Walsh, a nice quarterback but not for that offense. Against a decent offense, Oklahoma State's defense isn't good enough to carry the Cowboys alone. They need to be able to get the ball to the outside receivers, and Walsh can't. Time to get Mr. Miyagi's hands on Wes Lunt's knee and have him ready for Iowa State.

Is Landry back in the Heisman race yet?

Don't see it. Not at all. I've got co-workers who are still ribbing me for saying he was in a video LAST YEAR. I just can't see it happening. The K-State game was a disqualifer.

As a huge OU fan, it's hard to be objective, but the team that played Saturday looked every bit as good as Alabama, Florida, or Oregon to me. Your thoughts?

The Sooners dominated Texas last year and within six weeks had lost at home to Texas Tech and been burned at Baylor. But clearly this was different. This was the kind of physical domination that inspires confidence within a program and beyond. I'm not ready to rank the Sooners up there with the SECs best, yet. I think the Kansas State loss damages that argument. But for one game, yes, they looked like BCS timber. For one game. Another chance to prove that comes at 7 p.m., Oct. 27.

It's clear to me OSU would have beaten Texas with Lunt (they can't defend anything) OU and OSU both ran all over them. Difference was we didnt' have a true passer in Lunt. Question, do y ou think Texas's defense coordinator is possibly not qualified to be a coordinator at this level??

There's a lot of things at Texas that are scheduled for re-evaluation after the last three weeks, and Manny Diaz's performance as defensive coordinator has to be one of them. Why was Mack Brown so quick to throw his offense -- and without naming him offensive coordinator Bryan Harsin -- under the bus in the post-game press conference but praised his defense for its effort? Effort? Texas' tackling has been dreadful for weeks. Letting Trey Millard jump over you once isn't good. Shows that you're not even tackling the right way (head down). But when he jumps one tackler and punishes another on the same run you've got some fundamental problems. Great play by Trey, poor, poor tackling by Texas.

What has happened to all the Roy Finch questions? Maybe the coaches know what they are doing.

Here's what happened to the Roy Finch questions: 65 yards, 85 yards, 95 yards. Those are the distances covered by Damien Williams on three touchdown runs. The Sooners apparently no longer wanting for home-run capability in the backfield. Yes, I'd say it's safe to say the OU coaches know what they're doing.

It seems as if most other teams are broadcasting preseason games, why aren't the Thunder?

Great question. Instead of speculating I'll assign it and we'll write a story on it this week.

I know injury reports are limited, but how serious are receiver injuries at OSU? Getting Lunt back with completely inexperienced wideouts might be a problem. The optimistic side of me looks forward to teams having to prepare for Lunt with only 5 quarters of film to study.

I don't know. Hopefully our reporters will know after today's availability in Stillwater. But you raise a good point: Even when Lunt returns will he have the conditions that he'll need to succeed. Everything except one night in Ames went right for the Cowboys last season. This year, not so much. They haven't looked good all season. Expectations that they'd just plug in a true freshman quarterback and roll on down the road look pretty silly. There's still plenty of time to have a good, if not special, season.

Question from out of left field (pardon the pun) - Why did softball join up with baseball in a bid to rejoin the Olympics? For baseball, the Olympics are a distraction from the main event (MLB). For softball, the Olympics were the pinnacle accomplishment.

I think that was a mistake and I think softball has tried hard to recover from it and distance itself from baseball. The trouble: Not enough countries play softball.

Is OU good or is Texas bad? Time will tell.

My take: This is a good but not great Oklahoma team. This is a mediocre Texas team, not a big departure from the last two years. Jason Kersey wrote in part about what I feel is the big mental advantage for Oklahoma every time it plays Texas. None of the current OU commits in the class of 2013 have a scholarship offer from Texas. This is not uncommon. Every year Bob Stoops takes a team to the Cotton Bowl that includes a bunch of guys from Texas who he could tell "time to show Mack what a big mistake he made in not offering you." And Mack brings in a team full of guys who can think, "How good can these guys be? Texas didn't even offer them a scholarship." Does that explain the way the two teams came down the ramp? Maybe.

In this day and age of the internet one can read many newspapers. I must say that the NewsOK Sports section is easily one of the best to read. Kudos.

Thanks for the kind words.

In the last 2 games for OU, I have been very impressed with Frank Shannon, A. Franklin and R. Favors.I think Shannon should start ahead of T. Wort. Your thoughts?

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by Mike Sherman
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