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Mildred Majors

By Chris Jones, Staff Writer Published: October 9, 2008
Mildred Majors thought of cancer as a big ugly monster, and she wondered what it would do to her life.

Two years ago, she learned that something didn’t look right on a mammogram. Majors, 49, went back for a second more detailed mammogram.

She went to the appointment by herself, and listened to the news that she had stage 4 pre-breast cancer.

“After that, I didn’t hear anything else that was said,” Majors said. “I remember a fog coming over me and I couldn’t concentrate on the words and the drawing explaining everything to me.

“I felt like I was a healthy person and when I heard cancer I was devastated and afraid.”

She went for a biopsy, waited for results, and scheduled surgery. She began radiation treatments and made a decision to help her body fight the disease.

“I believe knowledge is power and after the shock wore off I started reading,” Majors said. “I learned cancer cells feed off of sugar and I changed my diet.

“Most of all I cried out to God and I realized He is watching over me.”