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Missed opportunity to focus on DHS needs

Published: August 25, 2013

As a foster parent I was saddened by reading “78 Children are missing from DHS custody” (News, Aug. 11) because it shed a bad light on something that can't be helped. The DHS can't stop or restrain children from running away. Instead of reporting on something that can't be helped, why not report on the fact that the DHS is in desperate need of new foster families? Part of the Pinnacle Plan states that it will remove all 6-year olds and younger children from shelters, which DHS is failing to do. The article won't help promote new foster parents but will scare people away from having any involvement with the DHS. It won't cause the DHS to suffer — it will cause the 10,000 children currently in DHS care to suffer.

Andy Arnold, Tecumseh