Mitt Romney must continue to come out swinging

The Oklahoman Editorial Published: October 5, 2012

Yes, Obama's line was ad hoc and parenthetical, yet it precisely reflects his scorn for business acumen in general and fossil fuel companies in particular. Perhaps Romney should have countered with a joke about how Whole Foods makes money every time you buy organic arugula. That would perfectly nail the contrast between Obama's dreamy elitism and Romney's down-to-earth message that this election is about jobs, deficit reduction and energy independence.

Romney was focused, well-informed and aggressive — all the things his nervous supporters have been saying he needed to be. He perhaps overstressed some talking points and came across as too rote at times. But he was at least talking in specifics whereas Obama kept resorting to the platitudes that helped him win the presidency four years ago. His own specifics (Obamacare) cost Democrats the House of Representatives two years ago.

As syndicated columnist George Will noted recently, baseball is a game without a clock while presidential races eventually time out. Romney hit one out of the park Wednesday, but two debates and countless campaign appearances will take place between now and Nov. 6.

There are no designated hitters in this contest. We now know that Mitt Romney is capable of waging a winning campaign. He came out swinging. He must continue to do so.

The path this country is on under Obama doesn't even lead to second base, much less home plate.

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