'Moonlight' actor's musing: To be or not to be in love

By Kate O’Hare Published: May 9, 2008
Australian actor Alex O'Loughlin, star of CBS' Friday-night vampire drama "Moonlight,” is sitting on the set on a March evening at Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank, Calif., and he's enjoying the view.

No, he's not looking at his co-star, lovely British actress Sophia Myles, who plays his so-far-platonic human love interest, Beth.

He's looking at a silver sports car up on a rig for the night's filming.

"I love the car,” he says. "Oh, my God. I don't (get to drive it), actually. I would very much like to. It's an Audi R8. (It's got) 500 horsepower, turbocharged V-8. It's pretty fantastic.”

After some further chat about cars and motorcycles (which includes a brief primer on Spokey Dokes, apparently a popular bicycle-spoke accessory), the conversation drifts to O'Loughlin's classical education and what that has to do with playing Mick St. John, a vampire private eye in Los Angeles.

Naming "Hamlet” as his favorite of Shakespeare's plays, O'Loughlin begins to see some parallels between Mick and the indecisive Dane.

"There's absolutely a little Hamlet in Mick. Don't worry about that. There absolutely is, in the loss of his family, the ‘to be or not to be.' There's a lot of Hamlet in there.”

As to who is the equivalent of the ghost of Hamlet's murdered father, which haunts him in the castle parapets, O'Loughlin thinks of Coraline (Shannyn Sossamon), the vampire who seduced the then-human Mick, then turned him into a creature of the night.

"Coraline,” he says. "Coraline is the ghost.”

Then he thinks of Josef (Jason Dohring), the young-looking but very old vampire who is Mick's best pal.

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Sophia Myles and Alex O'Loughlin: "Moonlight.” CBS

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