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You're better off ‘not hiring' Thulin, Smith

By John Rohde Published: July 26, 2008
Perhaps this time, the No Longer Sonics ownership group will listen to reason.

I endorsed the nickname Barons, and each passing day with their non-denials leads us to believe Thunder is the chosen name.

I endorsed retaining Squatch as the team mascot, and that idea was summarily squatched.

Whatever suggestion I make, the owners don't take.

Perhaps it's been my presentation. Maybe I'm going about this all wrong.

Today, I'd like to suggest personnel for the NLS broadcast team.

Since the owners don't want what I want, here's hoping they don't want Ron Thulin as their television play-by-play man and David Miller as their TV color commentator.

Thulin has been a sportscaster for 33 years and is no stranger to Oklahoma City or the NBA.

Miller served as an assistant coach with the New Orleans Hornets during their two-year stint here.

Thulin and Miller would make a great team, and because their best chance for employment is for me not to endorse them, I would like to take this opportunity to say they both stink. They're positively horrible. They are lousy.

Clear enough?

It's been reported Matt Pinto will be retained as the team's radio play-by-play man. That's all I'll say about that, so the owners don't change their mind.

Gone is Kevin Calabro, the revered and immensely popular NLS play-by-play man for the past 21 years. Calabro is outstanding at what he does, which in this case is to say he stinks, too.

Calabro opted not to leave Seattle, and he wasn't particularly pleased with how the whole thing went down.

"I was embarrassed for the city,” Calabro told the Seattle Post-Intelligencer after ownership's settlement with the city of Seattle. "I was enraged that our council members would sit up there and titter and laugh nervously and congratulate themselves over being part of a 41-year history being sold. I was deeply embarrassed and still am.

"I get incensed because people, particularly leadership in the town and the region, don't seem to have the same pride in the area that I do. They sold the legacy away for less monetarily than they should have for a promise down the road of an NBA team from a league run by a commissioner that disrespected them and the region. What you're doing now is going after a theoretical building for a hypothetical team. I find that failed logic.

"Government ought to do what it does best, mow grass at parks and occasionally pave a road.”

Calabro sounds like a good pick for Seattle's next mayor.

Thulin said he has applied for the NLS television job, but only after making sure Calabro wasn't returning.

"Kevin's a good buddy,” Thulin said.

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