Adam Kemp
Enterprise Reporter
Adam Kemp is an enterprise reporter and videographer for the Oklahoman and Kemp grew up in Oklahoma City before attending Oklahoma State University. Kemp has interned for the Oklahoman, the Oklahoma Gazette and covered Oklahoma State Football for CBS Sports.

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Adam Kemp Today at 12:34 PM @OKmattcarney Should be a great time. I'm sure they share your enthusiasm for T-Swift.
Adam Kemp Mon, Aug. 18 2014 06:39:41 PM CST RT @villagevoice: Watch @AndrewWK on @glennbeck's show LINK LINK
Adam Kemp Mon, Aug. 18 2014 06:39:05 PM CST @NathanPoppe @OKmattcarney Dat gas tho...
Adam Kemp Mon, Aug. 18 2014 04:48:37 PM CST @NathanPoppe I believe that's the "too drunk to hear what you are saying" noise from the summer of 2008.
Adam Kemp Mon, Aug. 18 2014 03:30:25 PM CST @brendon_wm At least that's the way the challenge was originally supposed to work. Now it's just turned into an internet fad.
Adam Kemp Mon, Aug. 18 2014 03:29:58 PM CST @brendon_wm Technically, you are supposed to donate $10 & dump ice water. If you decline the ice bucket challenge, then you donate more $$$
Adam Kemp Mon, Aug. 18 2014 02:13:33 PM CST @JoePo89 @CTowersCBS @adam_flango Score. I'm not into internet fads anyway... No I'm off to go plank and Harlem Shake after that.
Adam Kemp Mon, Aug. 18 2014 02:09:03 PM CST @JoePo89 @CTowersCBS @adam_flango You guys think you'll do a podcast league? How many ice bucket challenges do I have to do to join?
Adam Kemp Mon, Aug. 18 2014 12:34:20 PM CST @tomhanks I love the Hanx Writer app. Already penning masterpieces. LINK
Adam Kemp Sat, Aug. 16 2014 09:56:32 PM CST Quite the scene in Midtown. At least a dozen cop cars. Apparently looking for a man in a jersey. No idea what he did LINK
Adam Kemp Fri, Aug. 15 2014 07:55:59 PM CST @jasoncollington the motto that @jaclyncosgrove taught me on first day at the @Ocolly: "Kick ass, take names and spell them correctly."
Adam Kemp Sun, Aug. 10 2014 03:13:02 PM CST RT @kylefredrickson: #OKstate fans, remember the student-section chicken at GIA? He's getting married today. Tell @shuttrking congrats! htt…
Adam Kemp Fri, Aug. 08 2014 02:05:27 PM CST RT @AndrewWK: PARTY TIP: Do your thing, and no one else's.
Adam Kemp Fri, Aug. 08 2014 02:04:22 PM CST Putting together my wedding reception playlist. Shuffled from Al Green to Band of Horses to "I Get Wet" by Andrew WK. Dis gonna be good.
Adam Kemp Tue, Aug. 05 2014 11:57:06 PM CST @zachtgray awwww... Too bad I can't ever read CS Lewis. His words are so dadgum smart they make ma brain hurt.
Adam Kemp Mon, Aug. 04 2014 10:45:18 AM CST @CathJSweeney Did you see you were quoted via twitter on this Newspress story? LINK
Adam Kemp Fri, Aug. 01 2014 09:54:18 AM CST What a story by @kylefredrickson on the #OKSTATE player from the '90s that helped lift OSU's APR score. Awesome stuff LINK
Adam Kemp Sun, Jul. 27 2014 10:44:06 AM CST @OKenergybeat Thanks, Jay. I appreciate it.
Adam Kemp Sun, Jul. 27 2014 10:42:42 AM CST Four months after being released from prison, Michael Behenna is starting fresh in the middle of nowhere. @NewsOK LINK
Adam Kemp Fri, Jul. 25 2014 02:04:40 PM CST @ari_pickard You are totally speaking my language. Alt J is my jam.