Alan Herzberger
Newsroom Management Digital Managing Editor

Alan Herzberger is the Digital Managing Editor for and The Oklahoman. He focuses on content within OPUBCO Communications Group’s variety of digital products.

He’s been with The Oklahoman since 1997, when he joined the sports department. He has focused on NewsOK and other digital products since 2000.

  • Map the weekend's garage sales on's new feature

    Alan Herzberger | Updated: 12 hr ago

    If you’re looking for a garage sale, The Oklahoman’s Classifieds pages are the place to start. That’s the best way the sellers get cars along their curb, so that’s the place to start planning. This week, we launched a new feature to an old standard. If you’re looking to map the sales, plan your morning and find the best locations, you should be looking at Go to the Classifieds page on You will find an interactive map that identifies the locations of all the listed garage and estate sales. Click on any of the locations. The data from that location will give you the address, the details about the sale and, most importantly, driving directions.

  • From experts to newcomers, there's something for all football fans on NewsOK

    Alan Herzberger | Updated: Fri, Aug 28, 2015

    I’m a sports fan. I read all our sports stories. The Oklahoman's sports coverage team does a great job. I read everything I can. I watch all the Press Row videos from our studios. I listen to the roundtable discussions and the podcasts produced by that award-winning group. Because I’m interested in sports, I also will listen to sports radio on my commute home in the evening. (For the record, Berry Tramel is entertaining on the radio, but there’s much more of that entertainment and insight in the pages of The Oklahoman and He doesn’t have to share time when he’s writing his columns.) On Thursday afternoon, however, I spent my commute listening to someone who is not

  • Recording, streaming and writing all at once -- a reporter's trick revealed

    Alan Herzberger | Updated: Fri, Aug 21, 2015

    A mellow musician from Norman serenaded us here at The Oklahoman on Thursday. It was the second such performance on the staircase that overlooks the newsroom her in our downtown offices. His name was Kyle Reid, and I wrote this piece as we listened to his tunes. Doug Hoke took pictures and created a gallery -- that's what he does. Check out all the photos here. Before the short show, I asked Tiffany Gibson, our assistant live/enterprise editor if we would be recording for the public on Periscope. That was a stupid question. Of course she was going to be doing that. She whisked around our two floors and streamed from different locations to share our nice little private concert (which, by the way, was organized by

  • Earthquakes page on NewsOK gets powerful upgrade

    Alan Herzberger | Updated: Fri, Aug 14, 2015

    If you live where I live on the top side of Oklahoma County, the rumbles and shakes aren't so jarring anymore.  Was that thunder? Or did the dog run into the chair? (It's a clumsy dog.) Was it an earthquake? Or are the kids roughhousing in the other room? I asked the same type of rhetorical questions about 18 months ago in this space. That's what goes through my head when I feel the house shake a bit.  The truth is that if you look up and wonder if that was as earthquake, it probably was. Then you go about your day. It's usually no big deal. Only once have I stood up and thought a moment about what I should do next if the walls started to move. That was about exactly one year

  • Find things to do on new event listings on NewsOK and

    Alan Herzberger | Updated: Wed, Aug 5, 2015

    We like to launch new parts of our large website quietly.  We don't tell anybody. We just launch a new feature. That's what happened about a month ago when we upgraded our pages and listings for a calendar of events in Oklahoma. We set it up and tested it. We cleaned it up and tweaked it. Then we built the new pages and launched it.  But we didn't shout about it. We just changed the links in the navigation on, added some widgets to and kept an eye on the traffic patterns.  It would be one thing if we were making a major change to a part of the site that was heavily used by a large part of our audience. We would correspond with our users if we did that.

  • We want to share your annual back-to-school pictures

    Alan Herzberger | Updated: Fri, Jul 31, 2015

    Line your children up next to the front door. Or the mailbox. Or the tree in the yard. Wherever you take the annual picture, get ready to set them up for another photo.  School is about to be back in session.  Oklahoma City schools open for class on Monday. Deer Creek starts on Aug. 13. Millwood starts on Aug. 17. Then a whole bunch of other suburban districts go to class on Aug. 19 and Aug. 20. That's Moore, Yukon and Mid-Del on the 19th and Edmond, Norman and Putnam City on the 20th.  For the next three weeks, we want to see all those traditional back-to-school photos you take next to the front door (or by the mailbox or by the tree in the yard).  We see those photos

  • Another case for using The Oklahoman’s ‘Go Code’

    Alan Herzberger | Updated: Fri, Jul 24, 2015

    Eddie Roach came to my desk Tuesday morning. A customer says she can’t vote in the daily poll anymore, he said. She voted every day on the daily poll question that’s published in the newspaper. She used her phone and voted. But now she can’t. Eddie’s one of the most interesting men in our company. As he puts it, he knows where many of the bodies are buried here at The Oklahoman Media Company. He worked in The Oklahoman’s newsroom in the late 1970s and has filled many roles at the company off and on since. Currently, he manages projects, studies analytics and is often a source for the customer support team -- because he's the guy who can answer a lot of questions customers might

  • Special series 'Saving the Last Dance' available now for all readers

    Alan Herzberger | Updated: Fri, Jul 17, 2015

    The 'Saving the Last Dance' series made its run in The Oklahoman beginning in late June as an exclusive to subscribers. It ran four consecutive days in the newspaper and on and the other digital offerings from The Oklahoman. Subscribers were able to read the series by Juliana Keeping and share Shannon Primeau's experience through online videos and photo galleries before everyone else.  I wrote about the series three weeks ago: That's just another benefit to being a subscriber. You can read what will certainly be award-winning story-telling before everyone else. Sure, everyone else will see breaking news and trending updates next week (that stuff is good, too), but only The Oklahoman's

  • Go Codes let you 'watch' the newspaper

    Alan Herzberger | Updated: Fri, Jul 10, 2015

    The pictures don't move. The faces don't talk to you. That’s the reality for our readers who hold the physical copy of the newspaper. It's an outstanding reading experience. But it’s still paper. Here at The Oklahoman, we’ve taken the next step to make that newspaper come alive and interact with you. That step is our ‘Go Codes.’ We launched the Go Codes this week. They began appearing in the Tuesday newspaper, and we’ve had them in every edition since. The Go Codes let you 'watch' the newspaper. In about 5 seconds (or maybe 10 if you have a slow internet connection), you can see a video or flip through a photo gallery that goes with the story you are reading

  • Instameet the animals with NewsOK

    Alan Herzberger | Updated: Thu, Jul 2, 2015

    Bring your camera. We'll provide a professional photographer.  Our partners will bring the expensive equipment. It has all the makings of another NewsOK Instameet. This time, we're using the Oklahoma City Zoo as the backdrop. After all, it's about time we added the element of live animals to the Instameet equation.  We've been putting on these events every few months for a couple years now. We've had good turnouts, and The Oklahoman photo editor Doug Hoke reports a great time had by all. Why not the unpredictability of animals? Doug will have a camera around his neck, so I know he'll have a good time. Start your lazy summer Saturday morning at our Instameet. Doug will be at the

  • Subscribers can read 'Saving the Last Dance' series on

    Alan Herzberger | Updated: Fri, Jun 26, 2015

    We're releasing what we believe is a great story today. Actually, we think we have great coverage every day. It's really amazing how many compelling stories and news updates we have within The Oklahoman packaged and organized every single day. While that part is amazing, there are still some stories that simply jump off the screen as we edit them. That's what we have this week:  a great story about great people within our community.   'Saving the Last Dance' is a four-part series from reporter Juliana Keeping that launches in The Oklahoman today. Subsequent chapters will be released in the following days. The ending to the story -- Chapter 4 -- will be released on Wednesday.

  • It's not too late to cast your vote for Reader's Choice 2015

    Alan Herzberger | Updated: Fri, Jun 19, 2015

    There is still time. You’ve had all week, but there’s still time. The Oklahoman’s Reader’s Choice Top 5 section was released within The Oklahoman’s editions on Sunday. Voting started online Sunday morning at We’ve received thousands of online votes in each of the 12 categories – and that’s not counting the votes that have been sent in via the mailed ballots from Sunday’s section. We’re counting the mail-in ballots, too. But I’m not kidding about the thousands of votes. It will take us some time. Having worked in a newsroom for two decades now, I know a little about waiting until the last minute.

  • The Oklahoman/NewsOK a finalist for 'Innovator of the Year'

    Alan Herzberger | Updated: Fri, Jun 12, 2015

    We at The Oklahoman and NewsOK are getting pretty familiar with the idea of innovation. We've had to. The world is changing. People consume news in many different ways than they did in past generations. So we innovate. We develop apps, video studios and websites -- all to come up with new ways to reach our readers. That innovation has helped us consistently grow our audience in the past decade or so. But it has also caused our peers across the county to recognize and honor us. APME also announced that the Boston Herald, the Los Angeles News Group and The Oklahoman were finalists for its Innovator of the Year Award. They will compete at APME's joint conference with the American Society of News Editors from Oct.

  • The Oklahoman's app is the last app standing on vacation


    Digital Managing Editor

    | Updated: Sat, Jun 6, 2015

    The Oklahoman’s app is the last app standing on vacation I was out of my normal rhythm of news consumption this past week. I went on vacation, so I was suddenly a dif‌ferent kind of news consumer for The Oklahoman’s wide array of products. The normal day In my normal rhythm, I use The Oklahoman’s app early in the morning on my iPhone. That’s when I get a glimpse of the newspaper’s content for the day. I follow that with a run through on the same phone. I tend to use the NewsOK mobile website instead of the app, but I fully understand how the app allows for better notifications and alerts.

  • The Oklahoman's app is the last app standing on vacation

    Alan Herzberger | Updated: Fri, Jun 5, 2015

    I was out of my normal rhythm of news consumption this past week. I went on vacation, so I was suddenly a different kind of news consumer for The Oklahoman's wide array of products. The normal day In my normal rhythm, I use The Oklahoman's app early in the morning on my iPhone. That's when I get a glimpse of the newspaper's content for the day. I follow that with a run through on the same phone. I tend to use the NewsOK mobile website instead of the app, but I fully understand how the app allows for better notifications and alerts. During my commute to the office, I sometimes use the The Oklahoman Radio app, which will read the stories from that day's edition of the newspaper. It's a handy tool for

  • The interns and the veteran journalist: What they learned at lunch

    Alan Herzberger | Updated: Mon, May 25, 2015

    School’s out. That means one important thing for managers in The Oklahoman’s newsroom. Interns are here. We love it when the interns are here. They bring energy. They bring ideas, and on their first day of orientation, there’s often a free lunch. This year, the interns lucked out. There was lunch, sure, but The Oklahoman’s […]

  • Don't miss any breaking news: download the NewsOK app

    Alan Herzberger | Updated: Fri, May 22, 2015

    Two weeks ago, NewsOK launched an app for Android devices. Last week, NewsOK added an upgrade to its app for iOS devices. And this week, we are asking NewsOK users to download the app. There’s a good reason for it. The new app (Android) and the upgraded app (iOS) will deliver notifications for breaking news. […]

  • Video games go live on the Big Screen for some Friday fun

    Alan Herzberger | Published: Fri, May 15, 2015

    It was a fun Friday at The Oklahoman offices at 100 W. Main. We fulfilled a goal that we’ve had since we moved into our downtown office space earlier this year. We played video games live on the Big Screen.     It was a tournament. We had nine guests play in the tournament, and […]

  • From the judge's mouth: You are a lucky reader of The Oklahoman/NewsOK

    Alan Herzberger | Published: Fri, May 8, 2015

    It’s been a busy year around here. We moved offices. We’re downtown, if you haven’t heard. We lit up a Big Screen at Robinson and Sheridan. We participated in a nice proposal. We covered some big news, gaining big audience and readership for our coverage of the SAE racist video controversy in March, our Oklahoma […]

  • NewsOK's enhanced Travel page takes you to more places

    Alan Herzberger | Published: Fri, May 1, 2015

    We added a new page to our navigation for the NewsOK Mobile website a few weeks ago. Click on the navigation icon in the top right, and it’s clearly there marked with a ‘new’ icon.     It’s called travel. You’re probably thinking that it’s not new for us to cover travel with a special […]

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Alan Herzberger Sun, Aug. 16 2015 01:00:18 PM CST @OKCNightCourt @NewsOK Excellent. Thanks for letting us know. At 11:27, one of our developers reported finding and correcting the issue.
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