Alan Herzberger
Digital Managing Editor

Alan Herzberger is the Digital Managing Editor for and The Oklahoman. He focuses on content within OPUBCO Communications Group’s variety of digital products.

He’s been with The Oklahoman since 1997, when he joined the sports department. He has focused on NewsOK and other digital products since 2000.

Top Stories

  • NewsOK live coverage articles offer fast updates for sports fans

    Alan Herzberger | Updated: Fri, Feb 14, 2014

    I sat at Lloyd Noble Center with a couple of friends a few weeks ago. It was Bedlam basketball, and my pal had a couple of extra tickets for the 8 p.m. start on a Monday night. My friends and I all went to OU, so we enjoyed the game as the Sooners took an early lead.

  • The world participates in a 10-year-old's party

    Alan Herzberger | Updated: Fri, Feb 7, 2014

    Facebook turned 10 this week. But if you are on the Internet at all, you knew that, right? I knew it because everyone was posting their video (#Facebookis10) on their account. I saw it in passing as I checked my phone all day Tuesday.

  • Signing Day 2014 is covered for all types of football fans

    Alan Herzberger | Updated: Fri, Jan 31, 2014

    There are a lot of college football fans here in Oklahoma — as in pretty much everybody with an address in the state lines. A lot of those are the game-day fans. They know what’s going on, but they don’t know every detail.

  • How many consecutive hours could you spend on NewsOK?

    Alan Herzberger | Updated: Fri, Jan 24, 2014

    A friend sent me a story from in Australia this week. He found it on the Drudge Report. It was about boot camps that are popping up in China to de-program teens who are showing signs of being addicted to the Internet.

Alan Herzberger Thu, Jul. 17 2014 11:05:16 AM CST RT @Tiffanyg89: RT @NewsOK: Follow live updates on the Malaysian airliner that was reportedly shot down over Ukraine LINK
Alan Herzberger Tue, Jul. 15 2014 09:20:27 PM CST @joewertz @NewsOK There is no planned outcome, other than to gain more understanding. You vote is certainly registered.
Alan Herzberger Fri, Jun. 20 2014 11:30:38 AM CST @stevelackmeyer @Tiffanyg89 @NewsOK I clicked. I saw. I answered. -- LINK
Alan Herzberger Mon, Jun. 16 2014 12:18:06 PM CST RT @Tiffanyg89: Who says younger generations don't read "print" newspapers? ;) LINK #MyOklahoma
Alan Herzberger Fri, Jun. 06 2014 11:50:53 AM CST Nuggets from Game 1 of the NBA Finals -- LINK
Alan Herzberger Thu, Jun. 05 2014 10:23:16 AM CST RT @Tiffanyg89: I love when #MyOklahoma photos can make an impact in someone's life this way. :) LINK
Alan Herzberger Tue, May. 20 2014 09:52:16 AM CST RT @_davemorris: Live stream of today's Moore Tornado Remembrance Ceremony can be seen here: LINK @newsok
Alan Herzberger Wed, May. 14 2014 09:40:48 AM CST RT @anthonyVslater: You should pick up our commemorative Kevin Durant MVP section in @TheOklahoman today. Here's the cover: LINK
Alan Herzberger Sat, May. 10 2014 08:41:39 PM CST RT @briannabailey80: OKC Energy FC considers where to build soccer stadium in Oklahoma City LINK
Alan Herzberger Fri, May. 09 2014 01:15:24 PM CST RT @jaclyncosgrove: Hi Internet: Many of you guys are smart and interesting. Have you checked out the @NewsOK contributor network? LINK
Alan Herzberger Mon, May. 05 2014 09:59:29 AM CST RT @_davemorris: Unreal, crazy, sad footage by @theoklahoman's Nate Billings of Logan County wildfire LINK
Alan Herzberger Fri, May. 02 2014 01:40:36 PM CST The must-read of the day from @BerryTramel -- LINK
Alan Herzberger Fri, May. 02 2014 12:54:48 PM CST RT @MamaDurant: On behalf of Kevin, our family, and the many fans that were offended by yesterday's headline, I extend forgiveness to the O…
Alan Herzberger Fri, May. 02 2014 09:01:23 AM CST RT @anthonyVslater: This dude @BerryTramel is a true pro. Answering 200+ angry and misguided emails/calls all day. Gracious at all times, i…
Alan Herzberger Tue, Apr. 29 2014 09:01:31 PM CST Inmate dies after botched execution; second execution stayed LINK
Alan Herzberger Tue, Apr. 29 2014 02:01:45 PM CST RT @studioLonline: Exciting News! I have joined the ranks as an @NewsOK Contributor! For more info and links, check out LINK
Alan Herzberger Fri, Apr. 04 2014 11:46:03 AM CST @_davemorris @kelfry nice. and they all work, thankfully.
Alan Herzberger Fri, Apr. 04 2014 11:35:39 AM CST Showtime for @kelfry at #paulmillerosu LINK
Alan Herzberger Fri, Apr. 04 2014 11:24:44 AM CST @kelfry #paulmillerosu for questions today
Alan Herzberger Fri, Apr. 04 2014 10:28:25 AM CST About to hear @kelfry speak today at OSU's Paul Miller Lecture Series. LINK