• Blind dog found alive after 2 weeks in Alaska

    Published: Mon, Mar 2, 2015

    FAIRBANKS — Eleven-year-old Madera, a Labrador retriever, had the odds against her when she wandered away from her Ester home in the midst of a cold snap earlier this month, reports the Daily News-Miner. Madera is completely blind because of an autoimmune disease, and the temperature was 40 below, said her owner, Ed Davis. Usually when it’s really cold out, she wants to come inside immediately after relieving herself. But for some reason, Madera ventured farther away when his wife let her out on Feb. 6.

  • Scott Walker is headed for trouble with the GOP establishment

    Published: Mon, Mar 2, 2015

    Scott Walker could be headed for trouble with the establishment, Washington-based wing of his party, says the Washington Examiner. Look for GOP insiders to begin whispering, and then saying out loud, that Walker needs to raise his game if he is going to play on the national stage. On the one hand, they'll have a point — Walker needs to come up with clear, crisply-expressed positions on a variety of national and international issues. On the other hand, Walker's way-outside-the-Beltway method of expressing himself might resonate with voters in primary and caucus states more than Washington thinks.

  • Too much Facebook leads to envy and depression

    Published: Mon, Mar 2, 2015

    A recent study conducted by researchers at Nanyang Technological University, Bradley University and the University of Missouri Columbia found that heavy Facebook users can experience envy, which can lead to depression, reports CNN Money. The researchers surveyed 736 college students and found that, basically, if you quietly stalk your friends on Facebook and then realize that your life doesn't measure up to theirs, you feel bad about yourself.

  • How Islamic is Islamic State group? Not very, experts say

    Updated: 20 min ago

    CAIRO (AP) — Three British schoolgirls believed to have gone to Syria to become "jihadi" brides. Three young men charged in New York with plotting to join the Islamic State group and carry out attacks on American soil. A masked, knife-wielding militant from London who is the face of terror in videos showing Western hostages beheaded. They are among tens of thousands of Muslims eager to pledge allegiance to the Islamic State group. An estimated 20,000 have streamed into the territory in Iraq and Syria where the group has proclaimed what it calls a "caliphate" ruled by its often brutal version of Islamic law.

  • KOCO: Passengers sit on delayed plane bound for OKC for 9 hours

    Published: Mon, Mar 2, 2015

    A flight from Dallas to Oklahoma City finally landed Friday night after being delayed about 9 hours, KOCO reports. KOCO weather chaser Brandon Sullivan was on the plane and reported that the plane stayed at the gate for five and a half hours before moving to a runway.

  • Buffett says US economy continues growing at moderate rate

    Updated: 28 min ago

    OMAHA, Neb. (AP) — Billionaire Warren Buffett says the U.S. economy continues to improve steadily, and he doesn't think investors should be disappointed with 2 percent growth each year. Buffett appeared on CNBC Monday after releasing his annual letter to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders over the weekend. He says the growth is clear in reports he sees from Berkshire's more than 80 businesses, including BNSF railroad, See's Candy and the Berkshire Hathaway Home Services real estate brokerage. Buffett says America has a "terrific economy" that has continued improving since the fall of 2009. He reiterated his standard investing advice that most people would do best by regularly buying a stock market index fund over t

  • Texas oil company: Sahara offshore test well not commercial

    Updated: 29 min ago

    RABAT, Morocco (AP) — Dallas-based Kosmos Energy says its exploration well off the shore of the disputed Western Sahara region has not yielded a commercial find and will be plugged. Monday's statement, however, said the 22,000 square kilometer (8,500 square mile) block still had "substantial exploration potential" and a second well would be drilled after further analysis of the date gathered. Morocco annexed the largely desert territory of the Western Sahara in 1975 and fought a 15-year-old war with the Polisario independence movement until a U.N.-brokered ceasefire. A planned U.N.-sponsored referendum on the issue has never taken place and Morocco has proposed autonomy for the territory.

  • Democratic Sen. Mikulski set to announce future plans

    Updated: 29 min ago

    BALTIMORE (AP) — Maryland Sen. Barbara Mikulski, the longest-serving woman in the history of Congress, is making an announcement about her plans for the future. The 78-year-old Democrat, now in her fifth term, is set to make the announcement at a news conference in Fells Point in Baltimore later Monday. Mikulski became the longest-serving woman in the history of Congress in 2012. She was first elected to the House of Representatives in 1976 and has served in the Senate since 1987. Mikulski is up for re-election next year, but has declined in the past to say whether she would run for what would be a sixth term. The deadline for filing is in January 2016.

  • Fatal Los Angeles Police Shooting Caught on Video

    Published: Mon, Mar 2, 2015

    A Los Angeles police officer shot and killed a man during a confrontation in the city's Skid Row area Sunday, in an incident that was caught on video, ABC News reports. Police said officers were responding to a report of a robbery, and when they confronted the suspect the incident apparently escalated. "The preliminary investigation revealed that during that altercation, at least one less-than-lethal device, a Taser, was deployed," LAPD Sgt. Barry Montgomery said. "However, at this time, we still do not know if that Taser did strike the suspect. "After that, the struggle continued and an officer-involved shooting occurred," he said.

  • Iran blames West for rise of Islamic State group

    Updated: 36 min ago

    BERLIN (AP) — Iran's foreign minister has accused the West of fueling Islamic extremism by failing to protect the rights of Muslim immigrants. Mohammad Javad Zarif told the Geneva-based U.N. Human Rights Council on Monday that "a sizeable number" of those joining the Islamic State group and others were second-generation immigrants in western democracies. He noted that some of those "beheading innocent civilians speak European languages with native accents" — a veiled reference to "Jihadi John," who appeared in several IS propaganda videos showing the execution of the group's prisoners. "Jihadi John" was revealed last week to be Mohammed Emwazi, a young man raised in London.

  • Yukon student’s programming career propelled by Canadian Valley Tech education

    By Bill Kramer | Updated: 37 min ago

    YUKON – Like most 20-year-olds, Bryndon McGregor is a dreamer. Not all that long ago, McGregor sat in a high school classroom dreaming about the future.  During his junior and senior years, he enrolled in computer programming at nearby Canadian Valley Technology Center and kept dreaming. The 2012 Yukon High School graduate completed two years toward a Management Information Systems degree at the University of Central Oklahoma last summer. He landed an information technology internship at the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services, located at Shepherd Mall in Oklahoma City. Five months later, McGregor was promoted to full-time status with a nice salary package

  • Saudi diplomat taken by al-Qaida in Yemen free after 3 years

    Updated: 39 min ago

    RIYADH, Saudi Arabia (AP) — A Saudi diplomat abducted by suspected al-Qaida militants in Yemen has been freed after nearly three years in captivity and has returned home to Riyadh, the kingdom said Monday. A statement from the Saudi Interior Ministry said the diplomat, Abdullah al-Khaldi, was released through efforts made by the kingdom's intelligence agency, but provided no further details. The kingdom "spares no effort in protecting its citizens and ensuring their safety wherever they are," the ministry added. Al-Khaldi was abducted in March 2012 in front of his home in Aden, where he worked as the deputy consul at the Saudi mission. At the time, Yemen's al-Qaida branch had overrun several cities and large swaths of

  • 'Jihadi John' was hardworking student, says former principal

    Updated: 52 min ago

    LONDON (AP) — The man who became the Islamic State militant known as "Jihadi John" was a relatively hardworking student who showed no signs of being radicalized, his former school principal said Monday. Jo Shuter, former head teacher at Quintin Kynaston Academy in London, told the BBC that Mohammed Emwazi was a "hardworking and aspirational young man" when she knew him as a teenager. "He was quiet, he was reasonably hardworking," Shuter said. Emwazi had "adolescent issues" and was bullied at school, she added, but he eventually settled down and did well enough academically to be admitted to the university that was his first choice. "I can't stress enough, he wasn't a huge concern to us," she said.

  • Video reports conflict in probe of Putin critic's slaying

    Updated: 1 hr ago

    MOSCOW (AP) — The investigation into the killing of Boris Nemtsov, a fierce critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin who was gunned down not far from the Kremlin, faced conflicting reports Monday about possible surveillance footage of his slaying. No suspects have been arrested since Nemtsov was shot dead Friday night on a Moscow bridge, a slaying that came just hours after a radio interview in which he denounced Putin's "mad, aggressive policy" in Ukraine. According to Russian investigators, Nemtsov was walking near the Kremlin on his way home with a woman when he was shot four times by an assailant, who then escaped in a light-colored car.

  • Homeland Security funding deal elusive

    Updated: 1 hr ago

    WASHINGTON (AP) — With a partial shutdown of the Homeland Security Department possible at week's end, Speaker John Boehner says the House wants to enter talks with the Senate on a final bill funding the agency. Senate Democrats are not interested in joining those talks. The Senate is holding a vote Monday on whether to proceed on the question of talks between the two chambers. Congress late Friday cleared a one-week extension for the department after 52 House conservatives defied their leadership and helped scuttle legislation that would have given the agency a three-week reprieve.

  • Georgia to execute only woman on the state's death row

    Updated: 1 hr ago

    ATLANTA (AP) — The only woman on Georgia's death row is set to be executed Monday. Kelly Renee Gissendaner, who's 46, is set to die at 7 p.m. at the state prison in Jackson after the execution was delayed last week. Gissendaner was convicted of murder in the February 1997 stabbing death of her husband. Prosecutors said she plotted his death with her boyfriend, Gregory Owen. Owen pleaded guilty and is serving a life sentence. If Gissendaner's execution happens, she'll be the first woman executed in Georgia since 1945 and only the 16th woman put to death nationwide since the Supreme Court in 1976 allowed the death penalty to resume.

  • Complaint: Tulsa oral surgeon pulls wrong teeth, operates under influence of medications

    By SHANNON MUCHMORE - Tulsa World | Updated: 1 hr ago

    A Tulsa oral surgeon has surrendered his license after being found to have operated while under the influence of medications, including extracting the wrong teeth and operating on the wrong side of the mouth. Dr. Gary Dean Burnidge, 75, has sold his practice at 6565 S. Yale Ave. after voluntarily surrendering his license to the Oklahoma State Board of Dentistry in January. The board began investigating after an internal complaint filed in October. Read the full story at TulsaWorld.com.

  • WATCH: Skydiver Survives Midair Seizure, Unconscious Free Fall

    Published: Mon, Mar 2, 2015

    A man who survived a seizure while skydiving from 12,000 feet in Australia said he spent 30 seconds unconscious in free fall before his instructor saved him, NBC News reports. Christopher Jones described the "scariest moment" of his life in a video published on YouTube on Sunday. Jones can be seen convulsing about halfway through the two-minute clip that was published under the YouTube account "Nomadic Adrenaline."

  • Iraq state TV: Operation to retake Tikrit begins

    Updated: 1 hr ago

    BAGHDAD (AP) — Backed by allied Shiite and Sunni fighters, Iraqi security forces on Monday began a large-scale military operation to recapture Saddam Hussein's hometown from the Islamic State extremist group, state TV said, a major step in a campaign to reclaim a large swath of territory in northern Iraq controlled by the militants. But hours into the operation, a key test for the embattled Iraqi army, the military said it still hadn't entered the city of Tikrit, indicating a long battle lies ahead.

  • See Meryl Streep's 3 Beautiful Daughters in New Fashion Campaign

    Published: Mon, Mar 2, 2015

    Meryl Streep 's daughters  Grace Gummer ,  Louisa Gummer  and  Mamie Gummer  showcase chic looks in a new fashion campaign, says Entertainment Weekly. The three beauties appear in a new ads for popular retailer H&M's sister brand,  & Other Stories , which launched a U.S. online store last year. They showcase colorful styles from  Clare Vivier 's new Co-Lab collection, which features shoes, bags and accessories and will be made available for purchase on March 5.