• Food Fight: H&8th food truck policies criticized by local food truck vendor

    Siali Siaosi | Updated: 12 min ago

    The food fights shown in Hollywood films usually look like fun. But this one seems to be a bit more personal. At a July 21 city council meeting, retired veteran and food truck owner Rick Vick said he had "significant concerns" regarding the lack of consistency of food trucks selected to participate in H&8th, a monthly night market and street festival in downtown Oklahoma City. You can watch the video from the city council meeting here: While H&8th's organizers say there is a random lottery used to choose which food trucks participate, Vick said, there is a lack of transparency in the overall selection process.

  • One shot and three injured in Enid

    From Staff Reports | Published: Fri, Jul 31, 2015

    Enid police said a man was shot Friday after his parents said he tried to attack them with a machete

  • OKC man arrested after allegedly trying to set up meeting to have sex with minor

    Published: Fri, Jul 31, 2015

    Investigators with the Canadian County Sheriff's Office arrested a 37-year-old Oklahoma City man who arranged a meeting to have sex with someone he thought was a 14-year-old Mustang girl.

  • Rep. Tom Cole: Trump can't win the White House

    Updated: 52 min ago

    WASHINGTON _ Rep. Tom Cole, R-Moore, sat down for an interview in his Capitol Hill office on Thursday and answered questions about the proposed nuclear deal with Iran, Planned Parenthood and whether Congress is in town enough to get its work done. Cole, who has decades of experience in politics _ he was chief of staff at the Republican National Committee for the 2000 election _ also addressed Donald Trump's run for the GOP presidential nomination. The interview will appear in The Oklahoman on Sunday, Aug. 2. Here is an excerpt regarding Trump: The Oklahoman: But the fact that Trump is polling so well suggests that there’s some part of the Republican electorate that wants him to be president. Cole:

  • Breaking down Oklahoma players involved in MLB trade deadline

    Jacob Unruh | Updated: 53 min ago

    The Major League Baseball non-waiver trade deadline passed Friday afternoon with a flurry of moves, including multiple moves involving players from Oklahoma or players who have played for the Oklahoma City Triple-A franchise. Most notably, former Deer Creek standout Michael Fulmer was dealt by the New York Mets to Detroit as part of the deal for Yoenis Cespedes, a move that some evaluates believe is a big steal for the Tigers considering Fulmer’s upside.

  • Hoping to become tourist haunt, Nevada town finds boost in spirits

    Published: Fri, Jul 31, 2015

    Rural Tonopah, Nev., (pop. 2,757) sits halfway between Las Vegas and Reno, about 100 miles from the next closest gas station. The mining town is now attracting tourists with attractions including ghost stories.

  • Violence not keeping away Americans: Mexico sees 25% spike in U.S. travelers

    Published: Fri, Jul 31, 2015

    According to information compiled by the U.S. Department of Commerce, the U.S.'s southern neighbor was the top international destination for American travels last year, with Mexico seeing a record 25.9 million visitors from the U.S. in 2014 – a 24 percent rise from the previous year.

  • Authorities ask for public's help finding missing woman

    FROM STAFF REPORTS | Published: Fri, Jul 31, 2015

    Authorities are asking the public to assist in a search for an Antlers woman missing since Sunday.

  • Jimmy Carter: U.S. Is an 'Oligarchy With Unlimited Political Bribery'

    Published: Fri, Jul 31, 2015

    The 39th president said the 'Citizens United' ruling 'violates the essence of what made America a great country in its political system.'

  • 'Voice of the Cowboys' Larry Reece says he's cancer free

    Published: Fri, Jul 31, 2015

    Good news from Cowboys Country, as OSU announcer Larry Reece announced via Twitter that he's cancer free. Reece confirmed earlier this year  doctors found a cancerous tumor in his throat. The diagnosis required seven weeks of radiation on the tumor and lymph nodes in his neck and weekly chemotheraphy. Following his announcement in January, the Oklahoma State community rallied behind the longtime "Voice of the Cowboys," and Reece thanked his supporters on social media Friday. "Prayer POSSE you did it.. Pet scan showed no cancer!!," Reece said via Twitter . "I'm cleared for some @CowboyFB."

  • Poll: You’re the protagonist in a science fiction movie. What beast do you ride in to battle?

    Updated: 2 hr ago

    Battle well, my friend.

  • TURNING THE PAGE: Conversion of former Oklahoma City school into apartments is moving ahead despite recent fires

    BY STEVE LACKMEYER Business Writer slackmeyer@oklahoman.com | Updated: 2 hr ago

    The school, at NE 6 and Stonewall, closed in 1993 and was bought by developer Ron Bradshaw for $950,000 last year at an auction by Oklahoma City Public Schools. Fencing is going up this week, and preconstruction will be starting this next month, Bradshaw said.

  • Poll: Is it rude for able-bodied people to use the stall for handicapped people in a public restroom?

    Updated: 2 hr ago

    Is it rude?

  • Poll: Do you leave a tip when you order food to go?

    Updated: 2 hr ago

    How do you tip?

  • Greece's stock market to reopen as bailout talks progress

    Updated: 2 hr ago

    ATHENS, Greece (AP) — Greece's government announced that the Athens Stock Exchange will reopen Monday, a big step toward normalcy as talks with international creditors shifted into high gear. The exchange has been closed since June 29, when the government imposed capital controls to prevent a banking collapse. Finance Minister Euclid Tsakalotos signed the order Friday that also includes restrictions for Greece-based traders for an unspecified time period. A 60 euro limit on cash machines withdrawal will remain in place.

  • Norman Arrested With Dozens Of Videos, Photos Depicting Child Porn

    Published: Fri, Jul 31, 2015

    A Norman man was arrested this week, accused of a number of child pornography and drugs charges.

  • After heavy July rains, Oklahoma is on pace to break record for rainiest year

    BY SILAS ALLEN Staff Writer sallen@oklahoman.com | Published: Fri, Jul 31, 2015

    Oklahoma continued the long, soggy march in July toward its wettest year on record. Much of the state saw above-average rainfall in the month, according to the Oklahoma Mesonet weather network. Coming on the heels of the second-wettest spring on record, that extra rainfall has put the state on pace to break a 58-year-old record for the most rain it's seen in a single year. As of Friday morning, Oklahomans saw a statewide average of 5.78 inches of rain in July, nearly 3 inches more than usual. That puts the month in the top 10 wettest Julys on record, said Oklahoma state climatologist Gary McManus. “Most of the state has had really good rainfalls continue into July from the previous spring," McManus said.

  • Zimbabwe: American lion killer's extradition being sought

    Updated: 2 hr ago

    HARARE, Zimbabwe (AP) — Zimbabwe will seek the extradition of an American dentist who killed a lion that was lured out of a national park and caused international outrage, a Cabinet minister said Friday. In the Zimbabwean government's first official comment on the killing of Cecil the lion, the environment, water and climate minister lashed out at Walter James Palmer, accusing him even of trying to hurt Zimbabwe's image. "Unfortunately it was too late to apprehend the foreign poacher as he had already absconded to his country of origin," Oppah Muchinguri told a news conference. "We are appealing to the responsible authorities for his extradition to Zimbabwe so that he be made accountable.

  • 63 years ago today, Bill Greason broke OKC's pro sports color barrier

    Mike Sherman | Updated: 3 hr ago

    Mustang businessman, baseball historian and collector Mark House never forgets, and thank goodness for that. It was House who three years ago did the heavy lifting to make sure Oklahomans met their own Jackie Robinson and ensured the Rev. William "Bill" Greason had his moment in the spotlight. On July 31, 1952, Greason took the mound for the Oklahoma City Indians minor league baseball team, and in so doing broke Oklahoma's pro sports color barrier. In 2012, House worked tirelessly behind the scenes to bring Greason back to OKC, commemorating the 60th anniversary of that event with a special night at the Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark. Today marks the 63rd anniversary of Greason's appearance.

  • Poll: No, Mr. President, you would not win a third term

    Published: Fri, Jul 31, 2015

    It seems that Americans can add no more Obamas to the oft-heard calls for no more Bushes or Clintons, despite the president's belief that he would be a shoo-in for a third term. Rasmussen Reports on Friday released a poll showing that just one third of likely U.S voters would keep Obama in office if he ran again. Even among Democrats, only 57 percent would vote for him a third time. In Africa, President Obama said he could win a third term. AP Photo