• Snowplow driver says he didn't see Total CEO's jet

    Updated: 16 min ago

    MOSCOW (AP) — The driver of the snowplow that apparently caused the plane carrying the Total CEO to crash at a Moscow airport says he neither saw nor heard the private jet as it sped toward him down the runway in the dark. The driver is the only person to have been detained in the deaths of Total SA Chief Executive Christophe de Margerie and three French crew members, who were killed when the Dassault Falcon 50 clipped the snowplow on takeoff late Monday and crashed, bursting into flames. But Russian investigators said Wednesday they now believe that much of the blame lies with the managers of Vnukovo airport, which is used by Russian officials, including President Vladimir Putin, and visiting official delegations.

  • Ebola airport checks expand; nurses get training

    Updated: 22 min ago

    WASHINGTON (AP) — The federal government is closing a gap in Ebola screening at airports while states from New York to Texas to California work to get hospitals and nurses ready in case another patient turns up somewhere in the U.S. with the deadly disease. Under the rule going into effect Wednesday, air travelers from the West African nations of Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea must enter the United States through one of five airports doing special screenings and fever checks for Ebola. A handful of people had been arriving at other airports and missing the checks. A total of 562 air travelers have been checked in the screenings that started Oct. 11 at New York's Kennedy airport and expanded to four others last week, Homel

  • Doctors differ on preteen suspect's mental state

    Updated: 22 min ago

    WAUKESHA, Wis. (AP) — Doctors disagree over whether the second of two 12-year-old girls charged with stabbing a classmate to please the fictional horror character Slender Man is fit to stand trial, a judge and attorneys said Wednesday. A state psychiatrist filed a report saying he found the girl mentally capable of helping with her defense, but defense attorney Joseph Smith Jr. questioned the state doctor's qualifications and said he had a report from another doctor who disagreed. Waukesha County Judge Michael Bohren scheduled another hearing for Dec. 18 because the state's doctor was not in court to testify Wednesday. Both sides are expected to call witnesses to testify then.

  • Indiana man was violent long before 7 killings

    Updated: 24 min ago

    GARY, Ind. (AP) — With hindsight, there were signs years ago of increasing violence against women by Darren Vann, who police say has confessed to killing seven women in northwestern Indiana and is scheduled to appear in court Wednesday. Indiana court records from 2004 describe him grabbing a woman in a chokehold, dousing her with gasoline and threatening to set her on fire. He was sentenced to a year in prison. In 2009, he was convicted in Texas of raping a woman. She told police that at his apartment in Austin, he knocked her down, began to strangle her, hit her several times in the face and said he could kill her, court records show. He was released from prison last year and moved back to Indiana.

  • Colorado girls make possible bid to join militants

    Updated: 25 min ago

    DENVER (AP) — Three teenage girls from suburban Denver flew to Europe in a possible bid to join Islamic State militants in Syria, and now authorities are looking at their friends to see if any have similar intentions. A U.S. official said the evidence gathered so far made it clear that the girls — two sisters, ages 17 and 15, and their 16-year-old friend — were headed to Syria, though the official said investigators were still trying to determine what sort of contacts they had in that country. The official said investigators would be trying to figure out whether there were "like-minded" friends and acquaintances in the girls' social circle. Another U.S.

  • Police: Man shot at war memorial in Ottawa

    Updated: 28 min ago

    OTTAWA, Ontario (AP) — Police say a man believed to be a member of the Canadian Forces has been shot at National War Memorial, and there are reports of gunfire inside the halls of Parliament. Ottawa police confirmed they had a call at 9:52 a.m. with a report of shots fired. The gunman reportedly ran toward Parliament Hill, which is under lockdown. Emergency responders are on the scene. The incident comes just two days after two Canadian soldiers were run over — and one of them killed — in Quebec by a man with jihadist sympathies.

  • Canada police say a man shot at war memorial, reports of gunfire inside Parliament

    Updated: 32 min ago

    OTTAWA, Ontario (AP) — Canada police say a man shot at war memorial, reports of gunfire inside Parliament.

  • Hearing set in challenge to Oklahoma abortion law

    BY THE ASSOCIATED PRESS | Published: Wed, Oct 22, 2014

    An Oklahoma County judge will hear arguments in a challenge to a new law set to take effect later this year that further restricts the use of abortion-inducing drugs in the state. The hearing is set for Wednesday before District Judge Robert Stuart. A Tulsa medical clinic filed a lawsuit last month that contends the law is an unconstitutional violation of a woman’s right to choose to end her pregnancy and should be declared void. The new law would prohibit off-label uses of certain abortion-inducing drugs by requiring doctors to administer them only in accordance with U.S. Food and Drug Administration protocol. A similar bill was signed into law in 2011, but that measure was declared unconstitutional by the

  • North Korean detainee reunites with family in Ohio

    Updated: 1 hr ago

    WRIGHT-PATTERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Ohio (AP) — An American arrested and held for nearly six months in North Korea for leaving a Bible at a nightclub returned home to Ohio on Wednesday to tears of joy and hugs from his wife and surprised children. A plane carrying Jeffrey Fowle landed Wednesday morning at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, near Dayton, where he was reunited with his family. Moments after Fowle, carrying two bags, stepped off a plane at the base just after 6:30 a.m., his three children and wife ran from a nearby airplane hangar and shared hugs. Base Col. John Devillier said Fowle had a tearful reunion, and that Fowle was happy and seemed thrilled to be back in the U.S. "We had a great reunion for an A

  • Social Security benefits to go up by 1.7 percent

    Updated: 1 hr ago

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Millions of older Americans who rely on federal benefits will get a 1.7 percent increase in their monthly payments next year, the government announced Wednesday. It's the third year in a row the increase will be less than 2 percent. The annual cost-of-living adjustment, or COLA, affects payments to more than 70 million Social Security recipients, disabled veterans and federal retirees. That's more than a fifth of the country. The increase amounts to about $20 a month for the typical Social Security recipient. "The COLA helps beneficiaries of all ages maintain their standard of living, keeping many from falling into poverty by providing partial protection against inflation," said Jo Ann Jenkins,

  • Were it not for Justin Smith Morrill, there would be no OSU

    By Kyle Wray | Updated: 1 hr ago

    Civil War-era bill gave birth to access to higher education

  • US consumer prices rose tiny 0.1 percent in September as gas prices dropped for third month

    Updated: 2 hr ago

    WASHINGTON (AP) — US consumer prices rose tiny 0.1 percent in September as gas prices dropped for third month.

  • Government says Social Security payments to increase by 1.7 percent in January

    Updated: 2 hr ago

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Government says Social Security payments to increase by 1.7 percent in January.

  • Pistorius spends first night in single jail cell

    Updated: 2 hr ago

    JOHANNESBURG (AP) — Oscar Pistorius spent his first night in a single cell in the hospital wing of a prison in the capital, Pretoria, said a prison official. Pistorius seemed confused and tired when he entered the Kgosi Mampuru facility, prison commissioner Zebilon Monama told the South African Press Association. Monama said Pistorius was tense as wardens took his fingerprints and the prison chaplain met with him soon after his prison number was issued on Tuesday. "After he saw the chaplain our psychologist went to see him just to try to talk to him," said Monama.

  • Sunny skies Wednesday in central Oklahoma

    FROM STAFF REPORTS | Published: Wed, Oct 22, 2014

    The high temperature in central Oklahoma will be near 79 degreesWednesday. Skies will be sunny.

  • Father of UK hostage dies after appeal to save son

    Updated: 4 hr ago

    LONDON (AP) — The father of a British photojournalist held by the Islamic State group has died just weeks after he appealed from his hospital bed for the militants to release his son. Paul Cantlie was recovering from throat surgery when he recorded a video he hoped would be seen by those holding his son, John, who he called an impartial journalist who wanted to tell the world about Syria. Cantlie, 80, said "I want John to know how very proud I am of him." The family says in a statement Wednesday that Paul Cantlie's strength had been waning since his son was taken hostage nearly two years ago. He died of pneumonia last week. The family says Paul Cantlie died not knowing whether his son's captors had received mess

  • Search warrant records reveal new details in triple-murder case in Oklahoma

    BY NOLAN CLAY, Staff Writer | Updated: 11 hr ago

    Alan Hruby, 19, is charged with three counts of first-degree murder in the fatal shootings of his father, mother and younger sister in their Duncan home.

  • University of Oklahoma president listens to OU band members' concerns

    By K.S. McNutt, Staff Writer | Updated: 13 hr ago

    About 50 to 60 members of the Pride of Oklahoma accepted University of Oklahoma President David Boren’s invitation to meet with him Monday in his office, drummer Graeme Biggs said.

  • Grindr, Craigslist and other online activity blamed for syphilis outbreak in Comanche County

    By Jaclyn Cosgrove, Staff Writer | Updated: 13 hr ago

    A syphilis outbreak in Comanche County has been fueled by iPhone apps and online websites that help users plan out anonymous hook-ups, Oklahoma public health officials say. Since July 28, nine people have tested positive for syphilis in Comanche County, a 300 percent increase in the usual number of cases of the sexually transmitted disease. The cases have primarily been among men who have sex with men, some of whom are married to women, and also among IV drug users.

  • Police search for serial robber in Oklahoma City

    By Jonathan Sutton, Staff Writer | Updated: 16 hr ago

    Oklahoma City police say a man has robbed three stores at gunpoint in October.