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  • VIDEO: FSU's Jameis Winston sent to locker room by Jimbo Fisher after dressing out for Clemson game

    Published: Sat, Sep 20, 2014

    Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston is suspended for tonight's game against Clemson. He isn't supposed to play. But Winston thought it would be a good idea to suit up and stand on the sidelines in full gear for the Seminoles. Coach Jimbo Fisher thought otherwise, sending Winston back to the locker room to change in pregame. Winston, the 2013 Heisman Trophy winner, was suspended this week for reportedly jumping on a table at FSU's student union and yelling an obscene phrase.

  • Big 12 football: K-State's Snyder among nation's most underrated coaches in ESPN poll

    Published: Sat, Sep 20, 2014

    Duke’s David Cutcliffe edged Oregon State’s Mike Riley as the nation’s most underrated coach in ESPN’s weekly college football poll. Ninety-seven FBS coaches participated in the poll. Among Big 12 coaches who received votes, Kansas State's Bill Snyder received the most with five percent of the total vote. Oklahoma State's Mike Gundy , Baylor's Art Briles , TCU's Gary Patterson and Texas Tech's Kliff Kingsbury each received 1 percent of the vote. Cutcliffe received 13 percent of the vote to Riley's 11.

  • Texas A&M fan wearing what appears to be a chain mail jersey

    Published: Sat, Sep 20, 2014

    It's awesome.

  • Satanic black mass seeks to free people from influence of God, organizer says

    BY BILL SHERMAN, Tulsa World | Published: Sat, Sep 20, 2014

    Sunday’s upcoming Satanic black mass in the Oklahoma City Civic Center may be attracting national media attention, but it is not a publicity stunt, says Adam Daniels, the self-avowed devil worshipper who organized it. “This is not a game. It’s very serious to us,” Daniels said in a phone conversation this week. “This will be held as a real black mass, altered to follow state laws,” he said.

  • Owasso beats Jenks for first time since 1993; Union rolls past BA

    By STAFF REPORTS, TULSA WORLD | Published: Fri, Sep 19, 2014

    Owasso beat Jenks for the first time since 1993, knocking off the Trojans 7-6 on Friday night, Tulsa World reports. The victory snapped the Rams' 23-game losing streak to Jenks, according to Tulsa World.

  • Tulsa police officer recounts saving man from dog mauling

    By KENDRICK MARSHALL World Staff Writer | Published: Fri, Sep 19, 2014

    Police Officer Robert Roseboro’s midafternoon lunch break Thursday might have saved a life, Tulsa World reports. Roseboro was doing paperwork and eating lunch in his patrol car near Chamberlain Park, in the 4900 block of North Hartford Avenue, about 1:30 p.m. when he saw two pit bulls attacking a man, according to Tulsa World.

  • Missing Tulsa pilot, plane found after authorities narrowed the search

    By STAFF REPORTS, TULSA WORLD | Published: Fri, Sep 19, 2014

    A missing plane with one person aboard was found Friday evening after authorities narrowed the search to Okmulgee County, Tulsa World reports. The Oklahoma Wing of the Civil Air Patrol had been notified by the Air Force Rescue Coordination Center that a white, red and black Cessna 172 single-engine aircraft failed to arrive at Tulsa’s Riverside Airport after departing from Fort Worth on Friday afternoon, according to Tulsa World.

  • Russian bombers intercepted near Canadian airspace

    Published: Fri, Sep 19, 2014

    Two Russian bombers were intercepted close to Canadian airspace hours after Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko addressed Parliament, CTV News reports. The two bombers, known as “Bear” bombers, came within 60 to 100 km of Canadian airspace in the early morning hours Thursday, CTV’s Mercedes Stephenson reported Friday.

  • Slender Man costumes cause uproar after stabbing

    Published: Fri, Sep 19, 2014

    Slender Man costumes for sale at stores in Wisconsin's Waukesha County are causing an uproar in the wake of the May stabbing of a girl allegedly by classmates seeking to please the fictional character, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. The Halloween costumes depicting the character was found at a Party City store and Spirit Halloween, WITI-TV reports, prompting complaints from some parents. "It's horrible. I can't imagine how many people would wear that," Paulette Thompson told the TV station.

  • 5 Facebook settings to change now

    Published: Fri, Sep 19, 2014

    If you missed the news, Facebook was recently valued at $201.6 billion. That's enough to slip it in at number 22 on the list of the largest companies in the world, according to USA TODAY. Most of that value comes from ads, and to attract advertisers, Facebook sells them your information. It also adds features that annoy you, but play well with the ad companies. If you hear people insisting Facebook doesn't care about your privacy or experience, that's why. In defense of Facebook, some features are ones you'd actually want to use — click here to learn 10 of them. Plus, it does give you the option to tip the balance of privacy back in your favor, if you know where to look.

  • Adrian Peterson's mother speaks out

    Published: Fri, Sep 19, 2014

    HOUSTON — Adrian Peterson's mother is defending the Minnesota Vikings running back in the wake of child abuse allegations against him, saying that he is "trying hard to be a good parent." Bonita Jackson said she and Peterson's father, Nelson Peterson, were "big disciplinarians" who used hands, switches and belts to occasionally spank all six of her children. An indictment by the Montgomery County grand jury accuses Adrian Peterson of felony child abuse for swatting his 4-year-old son with a wooden switch and his team has taken him off the active roster while the case plays out. "I don't care what anybody says. Most of us disciplined our kids a little more than we meant sometimes," Jackson, 50, told the Houston Chronicle in an interview from her home in suburban Houston. "But we were only trying to prepare them for the real world."

  • Inventor of Slush Puppies dies

    Published: Fri, Sep 19, 2014

    Will Radcliff, who built a multimillion-dollar global business from flavored, icy Slush Puppie drinks, has died in Cincinnati. He was 74, according to The Associated Press. His daughter DeeAnn Radcliff Harmon said Radcliff died Thursday in hospice care after his health declined following a recent fall. Radcliff was a natural salesman who once peddled vacuum cleaners door-to-door and earned a six-figure income from selling peanuts.

  • The 'New York Times' called Shonda Rhimes an 'angry black woman,' and she's NOT pleased

    Published: Fri, Sep 19, 2014

    If you’re going to write an article about “the image of African-American women on television,” it might not be such a good idea to call the subject of your article an “angry black woman.” But that’s exactly what happened in a New York Times article, published Thursday, about "Scandal" creator Shonda Rhimes, USA TODAY reports. The article is about the black female characters on Rhimes’ shows, in light of the addition of Viola Davis on the new How to Get Away With Murder. The article praises her for doing “more to reset the image of African-American women on television than anyone since Oprah Winfrey” but repeats the phrase “angry black woman” over and over again. Rhimes was, unsurprisingly, not too happy about that. She took to Twitter to air her displeasure.

  • Kevin Durant receives game ball from Redskins owner Daniel Snyder

    Published: Fri, Sep 19, 2014

    It's been a good week for professional franchises in the DC area. Which means, from a fan's perspective, it's been a solid week for Kevin Durant. On Wednesday, the Washington Nationals clinched the NL East title, leading Durant to send out a celebratory Instagram post the next day, showing off his  custom made Nationals jersey. And just a few days before, the Washington Redskins won their home opener 41-10 over the Jacksonville Jaguars. Durant was at the game and, apparently, received the game ball from Redskins owner Daniel Snyder. Here he is showing it off in a recent Instagram post:

  • Jackson Rathbone: Twilight actor live tweets JetBlue plane's emergency landing after engine 'explodes' mid flight

    Published: Fri, Sep 19, 2014

    For most plane passengers, the worst experience of a flight is usually just a bit of harmless turbulence, The Independent reports.

  • Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting: How I found out nude pics had leaked

    Published: Fri, Sep 19, 2014

    “Big Bang Theory” star Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting was horrified to find out nude photos of her were shared online back in August, Fox News reports. She described the moment she discovered her most intimate snapshots had become public to Jimmy Kimmel. "I totally have Google alerts that come to my, every day there's like 30 'Kaley Cuoco nude photos,' [but] it's been going on for years. It's all these fake ones," she dished. "So then, this one came up, and I was like, 'Oh, it's another fake one...'" Only it wasn’t fake.

  • Tulsa's rapid transit bus system won't get started until 2020s

    By JARREL WADE World Staff Writer | Published: Fri, Sep 19, 2014

    A bus rapid transit system is on the way to Tulsa, but the scheduling for funding is anything but fast, Tulsa World reports.

  • Broken Arrow poverty rate climbs while state and Tulsa levels remain steady

    By CURTIS KILLMAN & NOUR HABIB World Staff Writers | Published: Fri, Sep 19, 2014

    The Tulsa World reports that poverty rate statewide remained relatively unchanged in 2013 compared to prior years, while the rates in Broken Arrow and Muskogee County appear to be on two different paths, according to Census Bureau data released Thursday.

  • The 3-Step Pasta Dinner You've Got To Try

    Published: Fri, Sep 19, 2014

    The beauty of this recipe from Laurie David's The Family Cooks: 100+ Recipes to Get Your Family Craving Food That's Simple, Tasty, and Incredibly Good for You is that you boil your penne, ziti or bow ties together with the sauce ingredients. To get started, prepare your ingredients: Chop garlic, onion, kale and basil; open a can of diced tomatoes; and, measure out 4 cups of water. The hard part, as it were, is now done.

  • Peyton Manning: Legal Pot Has Been Awesome For My Pizza Business

    Published: Fri, Sep 19, 2014

    Peyton Manning is here to offer us all a somewhat obvious business lesson: legal pot is good for the pizza business.