• Bear Cubs Caught on Camera Playing

    Published: Wed, Sep 2, 2015

    Two bear cubs were caught on camera as they played with each other on near Arcadia homes. The cubs were spotted on Highland Vista Drive by KTLA viewer Daryl Ching, who posted video of the incident.

  • Janis Joplin's Bandmate Talks Heroin, Pool Hangs in Exclusive Doc Clip

    Published: Wed, Sep 2, 2015

    'Janis: Little Girl Blue' to make world premiere at Venice Film Festival, North American debut in Toronto.

  • Pope to say D.C. Mass in Spanish in bow to 'Hispanic population'

    Published: Wed, Sep 2, 2015

    In a bow to the huge U.S. Hispanic population, Pope Francis plans to give a Washington Mass in Spanish.

  • Man pleads guilty in Stillwater near-beheading case

    Published: Wed, Sep 2, 2015

    STILLWATER — A Payne County man was sentenced to life in prison Wednesday in a near-beheading case. Isaiah Zoar Marin, 26, pleaded guilty to a first-degree murder charge. Marin is accused of killing Jacob Crockett, 19, last October. Minutes after the killing, Marin dialed 911 and told dispatchers he'd just murdered someone, authorities said. Moments later, police found him running west near a car dealership on State Highway 53 in Stillwater, covered in blood and still holding a large knife. Check NewsOK.com for updates.

  • Google unveils new logo with emphasis on apps, devices


    Company says updated logo reflects changes in what they offer. When you visit the  main Google search page , you'll notice an interactive that shows the logo morph into its newest form. The company says the change reflects the tech giant's shift beyond the traditional Web browser,  reads a company statement .

  • Woman arrested after reportedly hitting Oklahoma restaurant employee with beer bottle

    Published: Wed, Sep 2, 2015

    A woman was arrested Tuesday night on an allegation that she hit a Tulsa restaurant worker with a beer bottle after service was too slow. Witnesses at Speedy Gonzalez, 2601 S. Memorial Dr., told police that Robin Nicole Harris had become incensed when her fajita order took too long, police said. Harris began arguing with staff and patrons in the restaurant before asking for her money back and leaving, police said they were told. She got her money back, police said, but witnesses said she grabbed a beer bottle out of a cooler on her way out of the restaurant around 7:15 p.m.

  • RGIII blames intern for liking Instagram post critical of Daniel Snyder

    Published: Wed, Sep 2, 2015

    After Redskins Coach Jay Gruden announced Monday that “it’s Kirk’s team” in the latest chapter of Robert Griffin III’s fall from grace, a disgruntled Redskins fan blasted owner Daniel Snyder and the team’s front office in an Instagram post defending Griffin. Griffin (@rgiii) was tagged in the post, which featured the hashtag #ImpeachDanSnyder. Whoever was managing Griffin’s Instagram account “liked” the post on Monday night, as noted by countless sites. The “like” was later retracted.

  • Biden to join labor boss at Labor Day event

    Published: Wed, Sep 2, 2015

    AFL-CIO chief Richard Trumka and the vice president, who is mulling a 2016 bid, will meet in Pittsburgh.

  • Even after settling lawsuit, TSA agents taking milk from babies

    Published: Wed, Sep 2, 2015

    A hefty payout and promises of retraining haven't stopped the TSA from keeping milk off of flights. Steve and Susana Bunn tell Philly.com that after a trip to the City of Brotherly Love, their family of four faced unwarranted screening because their 14-month-old daughter’s milk was deemed suspicious. As such, the milk was opened by agents and rendered undrinkable for baby Lily.

  • Outrage after Auschwitz installs mist showers

    Published: Wed, Sep 2, 2015

    The proprietors of the Auschwitz concentration camp have found themselves in hot water after installing showers in the former Nazi extermination camp in a bid to “cool down” visitors to the onetime slaughterhouse, which is now a museum commemorating the Holocaust.

  • Kentucky Clerk Fighting Gay Marriage Has Wed Four Times

    Published: Wed, Sep 2, 2015

    The Kentucky county clerk facing potentially stiff penalties for refusing to issue same-sex marriage licenses has been married four times, raising questions of hypocrisy and selective application of the Bible to her life. The marriages are documented in court records obtained by U.S. News, which show that Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis divorced three times, first in 1994, then 2006 and again in 2008. She gave birth to twins five months after divorcing her first husband. They were fathered by her third husband but adopted by her second. Davis worked at the clerk's office at the time of each divorce and has since remarried.

  • You could soon be denied a loan because of your Facebook friends

    Published: Wed, Sep 2, 2015

    t might be time to purge your Facebook friends list of people you don’t trust. Facebook could soon take the old adage 'you can judge a man by the company he keeps' to the next level. A patent acquired by Facebook states that users could be denied a loan based on the credit-worthiness of their connections online. Facebook bought a bundle of patents from Friendster for $40 million in 2010. The patent in question is intended to prevent spam, however it also contains the following paragraph:

  • Christian rock musician from Chicopee held without bail on child pornography possession charges

    Published: Wed, Sep 2, 2015

    SPRINGFIELD - A Christian rock musician from Chicopee whom the FBI contends downloaded thousands of child porn imagesonto his computer will be held behind bars pending trial. Victor Stepus, 47, was arrested on Aug. 21 after federal investigators raided his home and began searched his computer and several digital DVDs the suspect told agents contained child pornography. He told investigators he was specifically attracted to girls between 12 and 15, according to a criminal complaint filed by FBI Agent Ian Smythe. However, among 8,000 images and 33 videos investigators recovered from his computer, several were of boys and girls as young as 8 years old, the federal court record states. Smythe noted that Stepus told him he only began using the computer two weeks ago.

  • Sony Altered ‘Concussion’ Film to Prevent N.F.L. Protests, Emails Show

    Published: Wed, Sep 2, 2015

    When Sony Pictures Entertainment decided to make a movie focusing on the death and dementia professional football players have endured from repeated hits to the head — and the N.F.L.’s efforts toward a cover-up — it signed Will Smith to star as one of the first scientists to disclose the problem. It named the film bluntly, “Concussion.” In the end even Sony, which unlike most other major studios in Hollywood has no significant business ties to the N.F.L., found itself softening some points it might have made against the multibillion-dollar sports enterprise that controls the nation’s most-watched game. In dozens of studio emails unearthed by hackers, Sony executives; the director, Peter Landesman; and representatives of Mr. Smith discussed how to avoid antagonizing the N.F.L. by altering the script and marketing the film more as a whistle-blower story, rather than a condemnation of football or the league.

  • Nevada family fights government over property near Area 51

    Published: Wed, Sep 2, 2015

    A Nevada family with a mining camp overlooking the secret base at Area 51 is finally speaking out -- after keeping their silence for more than 60 years. The Sheahan family spoke exclusively with the I-Team's Glen Meek. It may be one of the last great untold stories of the Cold War. It's a tale of what happens when family, history, and national security collide.

  • Man and officer wounded, dog killed in police address mix-up

    Published: Wed, Sep 2, 2015

    A man shot by police officers who went to the wrong Atlanta house ran bleeding outside where a neighbor heard him asking, "Why did they come in my house? Why did they shoot me? Why did they shoot my dog?" It happened Monday night when officers arrived at the wrong Atlanta address after a report of suspicious activity, shot homeowner Christopher McKinley, killed his dog and "likely" shot a fellow officer, leaving him seriously wounded, authorities said Tuesday. The bloody misunderstanding began when DeKalb County police received a report of a possible burglary at a one-story residence near an intersection in southeast Atlanta. Lacking an exact address, the officers were sent in the dark to a neighborhood where many of the single-story homes look similar.

  • Oklahoma City police: Two arrested after woman sexually assaulted in work freezer

    Published: Tue, Sep 1, 2015

    Oklahoma City police arrested two men after a woman said she was sexually assaulted in a freezer at work.

  • OU football fans among Top 10 ... in grammar

    Updated: Tue, Sep 1, 2015

    Among the Associated Press's Top 25 teams, OU is No. 10. No, not on the field, but in the comments section. Grammarly, an automated proofreading company, took 100 comments of at least 50 words from SB Nation's blogs on each AP Top 25 team so see how schools' fan bases ranked when it came to grammar. OU is 10th out of the 25 with an average of 3.1 grammatical mistakes per 100 words. Alabama was the worst of the Top 10 schools with 6.4 mistakes in grammar, punctuation and spelling per 100 words. Topping the list is Auburn, whose fans only made 0.9 mistakes per 100 words. The Top 5 includes TCU, Oregon, Ole Miss and LSU. Grammarly ran similar tests with MLB and NFL fans, with Mets and Redskins fans averaging twice as many mistakes per 100 words than Alabama fans.

  • Wrestling legend Jimmy 'Superfly' Snuka charged in girlfriend's 1983 death

    Published: Tue, Sep 1, 2015

    Wrestling legend Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka is being charged with third-degree murder and involuntary manslaughter for the death of his girlfriend more than 32 years ago in an assault at an Allentown area motel, Lehigh County authorities said.

  • Man accused of using cloned credit card in OKC, Warr Acres

    Published: Tue, Sep 1, 2015

    Oklahoma City police are searching for a man accused of using cloned credit cards in Oklahoma City and Warr Acres.