• New York Pain Clinic Doctor Is Sentenced in Overdose Deaths of 2 Patients

    Published: Sat, Dec 20, 2014

    A pain doctor in Queens who was convicted of manslaughter in the overdose deaths of two patients was sentenced on Friday to more than 10 years in state prison. The doctor, Stan Xuhui Li, 60, of Hamilton, N.J., ran a one-day-a-week pain clinic in Flushing, Queens, where he saw as many as 80 patients in a day and did most of his business in cash, handing out prescriptions for opiates and tranquilizers. The manslaughter convictions against Dr. Li were unusual for New York State, where doctors who are caught providing drugs to addicts are usually charged with criminal sale of a prescription for a controlled substance.

  • Baby Jesus gets GPS

    Published: Sat, Dec 20, 2014

    Attention thieves and pranksters considering nabbing the baby Jesus from the Indiana Masonic Home's Nativity scene: Don't do it. Jesus has GPS. New York-based BrickHouse Security, which operates a distribution center in Indianapolis, is donating several GPS monitors that will be put inside the baby Jesus and other statues on display at the Masonic Home's iconic archway.

  • NORAD's Santa Tracker Began With A Typo And A Good Sport

    Published: Sat, Dec 20, 2014

    It all started in 1955 with a misprint in a Colorado newspaper.

  • 'Duck Dynasty' Star: 'I'm Trying To Figure Out' Whether Being Gay Is A Choice

    Published: Fri, Dec 19, 2014

    "Duck Dynasty" star Willie Robertson sounded off on the media firestorm that ensued after his father, Phil, argued that being gay is a sin in a 2013 GQ interview, The Huffington Post reports. "Some of the things he said in that interview, I didn't agree with -- and I've even said so," Robertson tells Larry King in a Dec. 15 chat. "We love everybody ... In this business, there are a lot of people who are gay." As to whether or not he thought that being gay or lesbian was a choice, Robertson added, "Larry, I'm trying to figure that out right now, I really am."

  • Obama Says Sony Should Not Have Pulled Film Over Hacking

    Published: Fri, Dec 19, 2014

    President Obama called Sony's decision to pull its film "The Interview" over a hacking by North Korea a "mistake," NPR reports. "We cannot have a society in which some dictator some place can start imposing censorship here in the United States," the president said in his year-end news conference. He added that he was "sympathetic" about their concerns, but, "I wish they would have spoken to me first."

  • Breathing in Pollution While Pregnant Linked to Autism

    Published: Fri, Dec 19, 2014

    Women who are exposed to high levels of air pollution during their third trimester of pregnancy may be twice as likely to have an autistic child, a study found. Bloomberg reports researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health found the risk of autism rises in parallel with exposure to fine particulate matter during pregnancy, with the biggest effect occurring in the final months of gestation. The results appear in the Dec. 18 edition of Environmental Health Perspectives. The findings add to other research suggesting the environment plays a role in the development of autism, a developmental disorder marked by repetitive behaviors and trouble communicating and socializing. The study, which started in 1989 and involved more than 100,000 nurses from across the U.S., will help researchers home in on the causes of autism and potential ways to prevent it, saidMarc Weisskopf, a senior study author.

  • Obama to deliver State of the Union on Jan. 20

    Published: Fri, Dec 19, 2014

    President Obama will deliver his annual State of the Union address to the new Republican-run Congress on Jan. 20, officials said Friday. "Your report will inform our efforts to address the people's priorities," House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, wrote in extending the formal invitation to Obama, USA TODAY reports. Boehner also said that "the new year will bring a new American Congress, and with it, the opportunity to continue our work to build a stronger economy and secure a better future for our country."

  • Parents of accused Aurora shooter plead for his life

    Published: Fri, Dec 19, 2014

    In a letter to prosecutors released Friday, the parents of accused Aurora movie theater killer James Holmes are asking for his life to be spared, according to USA TODAY. Holmes faces the death penalty in connection with the 12 shooting deaths at a suburban Denver movie theater in July 2012. Jury summons last week were sent to to 9,000 potential jurors for a trial that's expected to begin in earnest in the spring or early summer. In their letter, Holmes' parents say their son suffers from mental illness and begged prosecutors to agree to a plea deal that would see him locked up for life and spared execution. Holmes pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity and has undergone two formal — and still confidential — mental-health evaluations.

  • Dropped your phone in water? The fix isn't rice

    Published: Fri, Dec 19, 2014

    Dropped your mobile phone in the toilet? Forget the urban myth about sticking it in rice. But there is hope, in the form of a pair of competing companies that use a combination of vacuum and low heat to vaporize the water out of devices. The methods, these companies say, get water-impaired electronics up and running — with their data and settings intact, USA TODAY reports. TekDry and competitor DryBox offer a similar service: place your device inside the kiosk and wait for a few minutes as a vacuum pump depressurizes the container and low heat helps boil away the water vapor. It can dry out cell phones, laptops and other electronics in as little as 20 minutes, for about $20.

  • Candy Crowley's final guest is a big one: Obama

    Published: Fri, Dec 19, 2014

    Candy Crowley leaves CNN on Sunday, and one guest is giving her quite the send-off, USA TODAY reports. President Obama will be talking with the veteran reporter on State of the Union, the series Crowley has anchored for four years. In the network exclusive interview, he'll be discussing the latest news on Cuba and North Korea, as well as the final two years of his presidency. After 27 years of political reporting with CNN, Crowley leaves behind a strong legacy.

  • FBI confirms North Korea behind Sony hack

    Published: Fri, Dec 19, 2014

    The FBI confirmed Friday that North Korea was behind the cyber attacks on Sony Pictures, according to USA TODAY. "As a result of our investigation, and in close collaboration with other U.S. Government departments and agencies, the FBI now has enough information to conclude that the North Korean government is responsible for these actions,'' a FBI statement said. "While the need to protect sensitive sources and methods precludes us from sharing all of this information, our conclusion is based, in part, on similarities in specific lines of code, encryption algorithms, data deletion methods, and compromised networks."

  • Source: Hackers send new message to Sony

    Published: Fri, Dec 19, 2014

    The hackers behind a devastating cyberattack at Sony Pictures have sent a new message to executives at the company, crediting them for a "very wise" decision to cancel the Christmas day release of "The Interview," a source close to the company told CNN. The email message was received by Sony's top executives on Thursday night and was obtained by CNN. The source said that the company believes the email was from the hackers because it followed a pattern of previous messages, sent to a list of particular executives and formatted in a particular way.

  • Shock study: Marriage rate declines with porn use, threatening economy, society

    Published: Fri, Dec 19, 2014

    Pornography is replacing the desire among young men for marriage, according to a new study that finds males are chasing “low-cost sexual gratification” on the web over a wife and family, the Washington Examiner reports. “Traditionally, one of the reasons to enter into a marriage was sexual gratification. But as options for sexual gratification outside of marriage have grown, the need for a marriage to serve this function is diminishing,” said the report. The report published by Germany’s Institute for the Study of Labor and co-authored by a West Chester University of Pennsylvania professor suggested that the government crack down on porn access, especially as more and easier tools to tap into the Internet, such as smartphones, expand. Saving marriage, said the report, will help the economy and society.

  • KOCO: Police say man robs gas station with box cutter

    Published: Fri, Dec 19, 2014

    KOCO reports a man robbed a metro gas station early Friday morning with a box cutter, according to Oklahoma City police. Police said the man went inside the Circle K at Britton Road and Broadway around 4 a.m. The clerk said the man was pretending he wanted to buy something, but police said he pulled out a box cutter, jumped across the counter and ...

  • News 9: Violent School Threat Lands Oklahoma Teen In Jail

    Published: Fri, Dec 19, 2014

    A metro school district is increasing security after a threat to one of its high schools, says News 9. A former student of Putnam City Schools posted on social media saying he was going to shoot two students Friday, and it's his extensive past that caused authorities to take his threat seriously ...

  • KOCO: Midwest City animal shelter full; dogs could be euthanized

    Published: Fri, Dec 19, 2014

    MIDWEST CITY — Dogs being put on death row will become a reality in Midwest City if people do not make an effort to adopt, KOCO reports. An unseasonably high number of stray dogs have trickled into Midwest City Animal Welfare, and the shelter is at capacity.

  • News 9: Oklahoma County Jail Nurse Arrested In Connection With Drug Crimes

    Published: Fri, Dec 19, 2014

    An Oklahoma County Jail nurse, who was named "employee of the month" is arrested in connection with drug crimes, KOCO reports. Though investigators have yet to determine if drugs were taken from the jail, 32-year-old Candice Deann Carter was a nurse at the jail with access to prescription medications which drug agents found at her home ...

  • Tragedy strikes again in Australia: 8 children found dead in home

    Published: Fri, Dec 19, 2014

    Tragedy struck Australia for the second time this week after eight dead children and a woman suffering from stab wounds were found inside a home in the northern city of Cairns on Friday, USA Today reports police said. Queensland state police said they were called to the home in the Cairns suburb of Manoora on Friday morning after receiving a report of a woman with serious injuries. When police got to the house, they found the bodies of the children inside. The victims range in age from 18 months to 15 years. The incident comes as Australia is still reeling from the shock of a deadly siege in a Sydney cafe earlier this week. On Monday, a gunman burst into a cafe in the heart of the city and took 18 people inside hostage. Two hostages were killed along with the gunman after police stormed in 16 hours later in a bid to end the siege.

  • Oklahoma, Nebraska file lawsuit over Colorado's marijuana law; AG Suthers responds

    Published: Thu, Dec 18, 2014

    LINCOLN, Neb. — Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning filed a lawsuit Thursday with the U.S. Supreme Court, seeking a declaration that Colorado’s legalization of marijuana violates the U.S. Constitution. At a press conference Thursday, Bruning said he was being joined in the case by Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt, according to the Omaha World-Herald.

  • This Incredible Dog Has A New Lease On Life Thanks To 3D Printing

    Updated: Thu, Dec 18, 2014

    Derby the dog, once fated to be euthanized, is living his best life with his forever family and sweet new legs, BuzzFeed reports. Born with deformities in both of his front legs, his original owners were at a loss of how to care for him and were going to send him to a shelter to be euthanized. In just over a year, Derby has gone from being doomed to getting a second chance at a full life with the help of 3D-printed prosthetics.