• Josh Duggar: Ashley Madison Membership Linked to '19 kids' Star

    Published: Thu, Aug 20, 2015

    19 Kids and Counting star Josh Duggar is among those who had a paid membership to the cheating website Ashley Madison, according to data published by Gawker. The affair service was the victim of a hack in July, with the full dump of the stolen member information posted online just this week. According to Gawker, a credit card under the name Joshua J. Duggar was used to pay for an account. The address listed along with the card was that of the Fayetteville, Arkansas, home his grandmother Mary owns. The residence was featured on 19 Kids and Counting, which TLC canceled in July after Duggar admitted to having molested several underage girls years ago, including two of his sisters. That credit card was used to purchase two different monthly Ashley Madison subscriptions, costing $986.76 and spanning February 2013 to May 2015. He reportedly opened another account using his address in Oxon Hill, Maryland, where he lived when he was lobbying as part of his job as the executive director of the conservative Family Research Council. That account was registered in July 2014, and was paid monthly through May 2015.

  • Washington Examiner: Planned Parenthood whistleblower: Heart of aborted fetus was still beating

    Published: Wed, Aug 19, 2015

    A whistleblower describes extracting brain tissue from a fetus whose heart was still beating, in a seventh undercover video targeting Planned Parenthood that was released Wednesday morning. Holly O'Donnell used to help collect aborted fetal tissue from Planned Parenthood clinics as a former lab technician for the California-based biomedical company Stem Express. She appears in past footage released by anti-abortion investigator David Daleiden, and in the latest video, she says she was asked by a colleague named "Jessica" to handle an aborted fetus whose heart was still beating. "[Jessica] taps the heart and it starts beating," O'Donnell says. "I'm sitting here and looking at this fetus and its heart is beating."

  • 15,000 government emails revealed in Ashley Madison leak

    Published: Wed, Aug 19, 2015

    Hackers released nearly 37 million profiles from a website for adults seeking affairs.

  • Women eager to see if new libido drug will work

    Published: Wed, Aug 19, 2015

    Late Tuesday the Food and Drug Administration approved the "Pink Pill" to boost a woman's sexual desire. Some have called it the "female Viagra," but unlike Viagra, it does not treat physical symptoms. Instead, it affects the mind. Side effects include sleepiness, nausea and when used with alcohol, fainting. That prompted the company to include a warning not to use alcohol with the drug, which must be taken daily. 

  • 33 cops fired 600 shots to stop Stockton bank robbers

    Published: Wed, Aug 19, 2015

    Thirty-three Stockton police officers fired more than 600 shots last year at the getaway car used by three bank robbers, who took three women hostage and entered into a rolling gunbattle with cops that killed one of the hostages after she was struck by 10 police bullets, according to a report released Monday. The review by the Police Foundation, titled “A Heist Gone Bad,” said officers made “a great many smart and courageous decisions.” But it said 600 shots were “excessive and unnecessary,” with some officers firing only because they saw their colleagues firing, and many officers shooting “after the threat had been eliminated.” The 60-page report came as the husband of Misty Holt-Singh, the 41-year-old hostage killed by police gunfire, planned to file a civil lawsuit Tuesday against the city of Stockton, saying police used excessive force in their response.

  • Tuskegee Airman, 93, robbed, car stolen while lost in St. Louis

    Published: Wed, Aug 19, 2015

    A 93-year-old Tuskegee Airman was robbed and later had his car stolen, in two separate incidents on Sunday night. Police said the man was a Tuskegee Airman in World War II. The airmen were the first African-American pilots to train and fight in the war. The veteran was driving to his daughter's house in St. Louis, Mo., around 11 p.m. on Sunday night when he got lost. He pulled his over to the side of the road and called his daughter.

  • Parents, students fight back after girl sent home for showing collarbone

    Published: Wed, Aug 19, 2015

    WOODFORD COUNTY, Ky. — A campaign has been launched to change a school district’s dress code after a student was sent home for wearing a shirt that showed her collarbone. WTVQ reports that Stacie Dunn received a call on her daughter’s first day of school and was told she was in violation of the dress code. The dress code requires that students wear shirts that cover their collarbone. Stacie went to Woodford County High School to pick up her daughter, Stephanie, and saw several females standing outside the school office due to dress code violations.

  • Data from hack of Ashley Madison cheater site purportedly dumped online

    Published: Wed, Aug 19, 2015

    Gigabytes worth of data taken during last month's hack of the Ashley Madison dating website for cheaters has purportedly been published online—an act that, if true, could prove highly embarrassing for the men and women who have used the service over the years. A 10-gigabyte file purportedly containing e-mails, member profiles, credit-card transactions and other sensitive Ashley Madison information became available as a BitTorrent download in the past few hours. Ars downloaded the massive file and it appeared to contain a trove of details taken from a clandestine dating site, but so far there is nothing definitively linking it to Ashley Madison. User data included e-mail addresses, profile descriptions, addresses provided by users, weight, and height. A separate file containing credit card transaction data didn't include full payment card numbers or billing addresses.

  • Prison Guard ‘Beat Up Squad’ Is Blamed in New York Inmate’s Death

    Published: Wed, Aug 19, 2015

    On the evening of April 21 in Building 21 at the Fishkill Correctional Facility, Samuel Harrell, an inmate with a history of erratic behavior linked to bipolar disorder, packed his bags and announced he was going home, though he still had several years left to serve on his drug sentence. Not long after, he got into a confrontation with corrections officers, was thrown to the floor and was handcuffed. As many as 20 officers — including members of a group known around the prison as the Beat Up Squad — repeatedly kicked and punched Mr. Harrell, who is black, with some of them shouting racial slurs, according to more than a dozen inmate witnesses. “Like he was a trampoline, they were jumping on him,” said Edwin Pearson, an inmate who watched from a nearby bathroom. Mr. Harrell was then thrown or dragged down a staircase, according to the inmates’ accounts. One inmate reported seeing him lying on the landing, “bent in an impossible position.”

  • This 7-Year Old Reporter Is Unbelievably Poised And Needs His Own Segment Stat

    Published: Tue, Aug 18, 2015

    He may not be a seasoned reporter, but we'd totally be this little guy's loyal viewers, The Huffington Post reports. Mater Vandelour, 7, was recently featured as a guest reporter for Australia's Channel 7 News Queensland, covering The Royal Queensland Show or "Ekka" -- an agricultural festival. And the cute correspondent totally had us at, "G'day, Kendall!" 

  • What Happens To Your Body When You Drink A Beer

    Published: Tue, Aug 18, 2015

    When it’s happy hour on a hot summer day, there are few things more refreshing than downing an ice-cold beer. But what exactly happens to your body as you knock back that brew? Turns out, quite a bit. Drinking beer affects everything from the brain to blood sugar levels, Yahoo Health reports.

  • Twitter's Adam Bain has quite a following

    Published: Tue, Aug 18, 2015

    Adam Bain has 75,000 followers on Twitter, but that doesn't begin to describe his following, USA TODAY reports. He's so well-liked inside Twitter headquarters that the hashtag #AdamBainIsSoNice recently trended on Twitter.

  • The next 11 states to legalize marijuana

    Published: Tue, Aug 18, 2015

    Marijuana prohibition is entering its 78th year. Colorado's marijuana law went into effect at the beginning of last year in the wake of changing attitudes. Compared to 1969, when only 12% supported legalizing pot, today a majority of Americans support legalizing recreational use of the drug, USA TODAY reports.

  • Rosie O'Donnell says her daughter is missing

    Published: Tue, Aug 18, 2015

    Rosie O'Donnell says her 17-year-old daughter Chelsea is missing and needs medical attention, USA TODAY reports. In a series of tweets and on her website, O'Donnell said South Nyack, N.Y., police, where she lives, have been looking for her daughter in Rockland County, N.Y., since Sunday.

  • College athletes cashing in with millions in new benefits

    Published: Tue, Aug 18, 2015

    Two recent changes in NCAA rules are resulting in major-college athletes receiving more than $160 million a year in additional benefits, a USA TODAY Sports analysis has found. That figure is certain to rise as more schools implement — or increase their distribution of — athletic scholarships that can cover not only the traditional tuition, room, board, books and fees but also incidental costs of attending college such as transportation and personal expenses.

  • Yazidi girls fight back against ISIS terrorists who raided their towns

    Published: Tue, Aug 18, 2015

    The women of an all-female Yazidi batallion is risking death - or worse - to fight back against the ISIS thugs who abducted, raped or murdered thousands of their people. They were brought together by a renowned Yazidi s nger Xate Shingali, who formed the 'Sun Girls' batallion to take on Islamic State on the battlefield in Iraq. If her troops are ever caught by the enemy, they will either be killed or, more likely, be held by the extremists as their personal sex slaves. Even the youngest, just 17, brushes off that terrifying prospect, adding: 'Even if they kill me, I will say I am a Yazidi.'

  • Jon Stewart's next gig: In the wrestling ring at WWE SummerSlam

    Published: Tue, Aug 18, 2015

    LOS ANGELES — So when Jon Stewart told us he was just "going to get a drink," what he meant was "going to get in the ring." Stewart's first gig since signing off from The Daily Show will be as host of WWE’s SummerSlam on Sunday, the wrestling entertainment network has announced. A big wrestling fan himself, Stewart appeared in a feud with WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins earlier this year — an ongoing confrontation that ended with Stewart kicking Rollins where it hurts the most:

  • Route 29 Batman is killed after his Batmobile breaks down in Maryland

    Updated: Tue, Aug 18, 2015

    The Batmobile pulled into a gas station Sunday night and, as usual, the children who spotted it gawked. Lenny B. Robinson was used to that. The Maryland man, better known as the Route 29 Batman, had for years dressed as the Caped Crusader and driven his custom-made car to deliver moments of happiness and distraction to hundreds of sick children at area hospitals. His costume stored in the Batmobile but his alter ego never entirely switched off, Robinson gave the kids at the gas station some superhero paraphernalia before driving off.

  • Woman fined for Facebook pic of police car in disabled spot

    Published: Tue, Aug 18, 2015

    In the US, citizens have begun to film the police with abandon. In turn, the police have started to wear bodycams in order to capture what they see. In Spain, however, a new gagging law has been enacted. It's titled the Citizens Security Law.

  • KFC Swaps Colonel Again: Comedian Norm Macdonald Takes Darrell Hammond's Spot

    Published: Mon, Aug 17, 2015

    KFC has a new Colonel Sanders: Just a few months after the chain announced "Saturday Night Live" alum Darrell Hammond would revive the chain's iconic character, KFC has hired another "Saturday Night Live" veteran to play the Colonel, Eater.com reports. According to a press release, Norm Macdonald will now be the one to don the famed white suit and black bowtie.