• Adrian Peterson ‘itching’ for first preseason run since 2011

    Adrian Peterson ‘itching’ for first preseason...

    Published: Thu, May 5, 2016

    Adrian Peterson hasn’t run the ball in a preseason game since 2011. He would like to change that this summer. The Vikings have been careful not to risk their star running back getting hurt in exhibition play since he suffered a serious knee injury in December 2011. Peterson, though, believes the time might be right for some game action in August. "I feel like getting out there and playing a little bit," Peterson said. "It's something that once that time comes around, I'll have a better feel for, like, 'Hey, I need to get out there just to kind of get the legs moving and get the pads (on) a little bit.' I can tell you, though, I'm definitely more itching towards playing a little more in the preseason than I have the past seven, eight years." Peterson, 31, did not play at all in preseason games in 2012, 2014 and 2015. He lined up in the backfield for a few plays in one 2013 game, but didn't carry the ball.

  • Snapchat Scores Unique Deal With NBC to Showcase Olympics

    Snapchat Scores Unique Deal With NBC to...

    By Sarah Frier, Bloomberg Technology | Published: Sat, Apr 30, 2016

    The Olympics are coming to Snapchat.

  • This is why Warriors want Kevin Durant

    This is why Warriors want Kevin Durant

    Published: Wed, Apr 27, 2016

    Of course, there is no guaranteed way for a team to remain at Mach-speed after the loss of a superstar like Stephen Curry or Chris Paul in the middle of the playoffs. Is there? You can make adjustments, you can ask for more and potentially get more out of their teammates, but if you lose an All-NBA player, that's a void that cannot be bridged completely. Can it? Well ... there is one way, and it's just about the only way: If you know losing one elite player is almost always a crisis, you try to make sure you have two of them. Which is exactly why the Warriors want Kevin Durant, the 27-year-old Oklahoma City superstar set up to be the prize of this summer's free-agent period.